A Complete Guide To Investing In Resale Properties

Bangalore is one of the largest IT hubs in India. The city attracts professionals who desire to work at big businesses and small start-ups alike, in search of promising careers. Thus, there is an ever-increasing number of people migrating to the city to settle. Many of them wish to purchase a property with immediate possession rather than wait for the completion of an under-construction property. Resale properties, therefore, become the most viable recourse for people ready to move immediately.
A Complete Guide To Investing In Resale Properties

Celebrity Natures Habitat is a prime residential locality with excellent connectivity to central locations in Bangalore. It offers luxurious and independent villas to suit the tastes of luxury-seeking property buyers. You may want to go through the Celebrity Natures Habitat reviews to know more about the property and experiences of other home buyers.

If you are looking to purchase a resale flat in Bangalore, you may consider the following factors before you seal the deal:

  • Market knowledge

As the market value of the property keeps fluctuating based on demand and supply, in-depth research can give you the upper hand in a deal. It is advisable to take the professional help of brokers to gather more information about the property you are considering.

  • Budgeting

Buying a resale property is just like buying a new home in terms of the costs involved. You can account for additional expenses like registration, transfer fees, broker charges, taxes, etc. to arrive at the total value of the property and see if it is well within your budget.  

  • Documentation and procedures

This involves verifying the title records and ensuring all the documents of original purchase and subsequent transfers are accurately recorded and stamped. You may also want to ensure there are no claimants on the property. Or, if there are multiple co-owners, each one of them would have authorised the sale.

  • Loan on resale property

On many occasions, sellers mortgage property in the lender’s custody against a loan. In such a case, no new resale home loan can be acquired by the buyer until the seller gets the original property papers released after repaying their loan in full. So, you may check for any existing mortgage on the resale property before committing.

  • Technical valuation

It is a wise choice to appoint a valuation expert who can assess the property’s worth and keep you informed. If you let the lender appraise and evaluate the asset, it is possible they may value it at a lower price to safeguard their interest. Lenders like Bajaj Finserv Homes & Loans often provide such services, to ease the process of your home loan application, and to ensure that you get a fair deal on your home purchase.

  • Age of the property

Lastly, investing in properties older than 20 years may not be a good idea. This is because older constructions could have higher maintenance and repair costs, proving to be expensive in the long run.


Buying a resale property can be the best economic bet for homebuyers who do not wish to wait to move into their new homes. It can also save them from paying substantial property taxes and monthly rents. However, before finalising a resale property, it can be beneficial to study the market and gain knowledge on the approximate cost of the ownership. You may also want to consider similar properties and check if documentation and procedures are legally authorised. It is advisable not to invest in properties older than 20 years. Some lenders tend not to lend on properties older than 50 years. It can help to check there are no existing loans on a resale property as that may prevent you from applying for a fresh loan against the property.  

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