Condom Snorting Challenge: This Dangerous Trend Gripping Youth

Condom Snorting Challenge: This Dangerous Trend Gripping Youth: Well, nowadays kids are doing everything to get attention online and to increase their follower on Insta, Snapchat and other social networks they are going crazy behind the trends. We all know that trends are part of our life and somehow we all get to connect with them easily but sometimes they can be dangerous. You all know that selfie trend killed a lot of people in worldwide and then teenagers started playing Blue Whale which also killed kids especially worldwide.

Condom Snorting Challenge: This Dangerous Trend Gripping Youth

Now, the question is how far you can go for a trend? Like we all are living in a digital era and we all are looking for more followers, likes, comments, subscribers and other things but we are losing so much for it. Some previous year’s trend such as squiggle brows, the tide pod, and cinnamon challenges grip the internet. Now, this year a new trend called ‘Condom Snorting Challenge’ is being popular among the kids and teenagers. Even it is very dangerous, trend and it can really take life.

Well, in this trick you have to stuff a condom up a nostril, inhale until the long latex string slides into your throat, and then pull it out from the mouth. Now, lots of teenagers are doing it live on Insta, Snapchat, and other platforms. Teenagers have been snorting condoms for years.  Also, if we dig into history then we can say that this trend came back from the past October 1993, when Kent University’s campus newspaper wrote about the “Jim Rose Circus Sideshow.”

Jim “The Tube” Crowley opened the show “by inhaling a condom through his nose and spitting it out of his mouth,” reports Motherboard. Overall, maybe it sounds funny but it can really take your life so please be aware and don’t put yourself at risk for these small trends and anything like this. Overall, history is ruling and the challenge again gained traction in 2013 when a YouTube video surfaced showing a woman snorting a condom to Taylor Swift’s ‘22’, ABC News reported.