Congress Chief Priyanka Gandhi Assembly Election Campaign For UP Polls Reports

Congress Chief Priyanka Gandhi Assembly Election Campaign For UP Polls Reports :- In the Assembly Election of Uttar pradesh, Priyanka Gandhi will be the face of the Congress party. She will campaign for the party in the assembly election. The congress will put a Brahmin leader in the assembly polls. Either Priyanka Gandhi will be the new chief of the state unit or the chief ministerial candidate.


Prashant Kishor who is an election strategist said that this plan acts upon the two biggest blemish in the Congress strategy: One, lack of a strong high-command and two, absence of a credible chief ministerial candidate with the right kind of caste base.

The Congress always put Rahul Gandhi on the front in the election and not naming a CM candidate, but in every election congress face the defeat in the election. Now, Congress Party is trying a different strategy and showing the will to fight.

Congress Party is waiting for Rahul Gandhi’s arrival from his summer sojourn at some undisclosed location. Rahul Gandhi will pass the baton to his sister Priyanka Gandhi and watch the show from the sidelines, restraining himself to managing the party while his sister interacts with voters.

According the sources from Congress say Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will campaign in around 120 Assembly constituencies in Uttar Pradesh. Internal surveys show that it is a tough to win the 60 seats but its leaders convinced himself that its chances are bright in 152 seats.

There is no antagonizing that the Congress will take the  benefit from Priyanka Gandhi’s presence in the election compaign. The entry of Priyanka Gandhi will energise party workers. The party workers said that without Priyanka Gandhi, the party will not win a single seat and their chances in the state are negligible.

In Lok Sabha Election 2014, The congress party won merely 44 seats. At that time, the party workers raised the voice in favour of Priyanka Gandhi and said that only Priyanka Gandhi can save the party in future.