Construction Equipment Safety Trends in 2018

The construction industry has been steadily developing and coming up with new inventions that seek to transform the industry and make it more efficient. There is an upsurge in demand for construction services which have driven many construction firms to put more muscle in developing equipment to aid in construction. More often this equipment may be hazardous to construction workers leading injuries or even death.

With innovative advancements in construction technology, construction equipment safety has been significantly improved. Safety is an essential measure in construction, and all safety regulations and policies should be strictly adhered to. There are construction safety equipment trends in 2018 that are transforming the industry. These trends include:

Smart Wearable Safety Equipment

This particular equipment that is gaining popularity with each passing day. It includes safety vests and hard hats that significantly improve the safety of workers on the construction site. Smart wearable safety equipment is fitted with a tracking system where it uses GPS, sensors and real-time location which ensures the construction manager tracks every worker’s position and progress at any given time.

This smart equipment can also proactively monitor workers health and can sense if a worker is being affected by heat, hazardous environmental issues, or even construction chemicals and materials. The wearable will transmit information to a central database concerning the worker’s progress, wear bouts, and health and if in danger, the worker is immediately warned and even warned to leave in real time.

Custom Engineered Equipment Solutions

Not all safety technology has to be “flashy” to keep your workers safe nor does it have to cost a lot of money.  Sometimes simple is the best solution. Companies like Dynatect  provide custom built solutions for the equipment that is available on the job site. These solution not only improve safety but also keep the equipment running longer at the same time.

Site Sensors

It is estimated that many construction workers unknowingly get exposed to harmful chemicals like asbestos which is injurious to their health. These chemicals are a health hazard that causes diseases like cancer, mesothelioma, and even affects vital body organs. Site sensors help to read availability of toxins in the construction site for proper safety precautions to be taken. The site sensors can also read the level of moisture in the air and temperature levels to help ascertain if the conditions are favorable for workers or not. These sensors will go a long way in enhancing the safety of the workers at the construction site.


Health professionals project that a higher percentage of construction workers suffer from work-related musculoskeletal disorder compared to workers in other fields. This problem can be rectified by the use of exoskeleton which helps construction workers to improve their posture when handling heavy materials. They are fitted with sensors and motors and with this safety device, workers can lift and carry heavy objects without any problem or getting injured. Exoskeleton takes the strain off the body with counterweights and workers can work for long hours without fatigue.

DronesDrones have been helpful in many fields, and the construction industry is not an exception. Drones have numerous advantages in the construction industry, and its use has created convenience and effective work operations. It is used to map the construction site and gather all the needed data of the entire site. It eases monitoring, inspecting job sites, and updating changes in the project to the concerned parties.

Construction companies and executives can examine and monitor the job site for possible hazards that may pose a danger to workers. By monitoring the construction site from an aerial view, supervisors can scan for danger signs like faulty objects, chemicals, or workers engaging in unsafe work procedures and undertake the necessary caution before a worker gets injured. Drones provide a critical safety inspection in construction sites.

Construction Robots

Robots have become an important addition to the construction industry in the recent years. Even though not so many companies have adopted this trend, it is making work more manageable, convenient and efficient in construction sites. Some robots use 3D printing to create a form structure that will ensure construction is done effectively. A robot works precisely like a human being, and the only difference is that a robot creates the much-needed consistency in construction and can work for long hours without getting tired. This will get the job done faster and saves a lot of time. The construction robot has greatly transformed the construction industry.

Safety is vital at every construction site, and these construction safety equipment trends of 2018 will help make the construction industry safer and will bring progress and minimize or even eliminate cases of construction workers suffering injuries in their line of work.  It is truly a win-win for all.