Copa America 2015 Semi Final 2 : Argentina defeated Paraguay 6-1 goals

2nd Semi Final match of Copa America 2015 which will be played between Argentina Vs Paraguay will be 24th match of the tournament and will be played at Estadio Municipal Alcaldesa Ester Roa Rebolledo, Concepcion. Both the teams are in good form and both teams have capacity to defeat each other. The winning team of today match will direct go to the final of Copa America 2015 where they have to fight against chile to win the title of Copa America 2015.

Argentina defeated Paraguay 6-1 goals

Argentina defeated Paraguay 6-1 goals

Argentina defeated Paraguay 6-1 goals

Six goals for Argentina. Messi was not among them, but he was one of the chief thorns in Paraguay’s side over the 90 minutes.

Tomorrow, try telling your mates at work or the pub that Argentina won 6-1, and Lionel Messi did not get on the score-sheet. They won’t believe you, I suspect.

He has, however, got THREE assists. What a wizard. What a team. Good luck Chile.

Argentina defeated Paraguay

Argentina defeated Paraguay

Match facts :

Argentina (4-3-3): Romero 5, Zabaleta 6.5, Demichelis 6, Otamendi 6.5, Rojo 7, Pastore 9 (Banega 73, 6.5), Mascherano 6.5 (Gago, 77, 6.5), Biglia 6.5, Messi 9.5, Aguero 7.5 (Higuain 81), Di Maria 8.5.

Subs not used: Roncaglia, Pereyra, Guzman, Casco, Tevez, Lamela, Lavezzi, Marchesin

Goals: Rojo 15, Pastore 27, Di Maria 47, 53, Aguero 80, Higuain 83

Booked: Rojo, Biglia

argentina win

Paraguay (4-4-2): Villar 6.5, Valdez 6 (Romero 56, 4.5), P Aguilar 4, Da Silva 4, Piris 5.5, Gonzalez 6.5 (Bobadilla 27, 4.5), V Caceres 6, Ortiz 5.5, Benitez 6, Haedo 5.5, Santa Cruz 4 (Barrios 30, 6.5).

Subs not used: Caceres, Samudio, Silva, Molinas, Martinez, Balbuena, Ortigoza, O Aranda, A Aguilar

Goal: Barrios 43

Booked: V Caceres, Da Silva, Ortiz

Ref: Sandro Ricci (Brazil)

Chile will be the underdogs in the final now after this utter rout by Argentina, and that’s the way La Roja like it. Their quick counters against Argentina’s powerful attack will make for a quite spectacular game at Santiago’s Estadio Nacional.


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