Copa America 2016 Calendario Full Schedule Time Table & Fixtures With Indian Timing

Copa America 2016 Calendario Full Schedule Time Table & Fixtures With Indian Timing :- This 21st century is dominated by Sports . And two Legislative Sports which are conquering the world is Cricket and Football.

Cricket is highly popular in Sub Continents  where Football is ruling in England.

The current Football tournament which  is ready to kick is Copa America Centenario USA 2016.

Copa america 2016 match schedule

Copa america 2016 match schedule

This tournament will be played between June 3- June 26, 2016.This tournament is International men’s Football Association tournament.

This tournament is highly popular in the entire the Globe and mainly organise to celebrate the centenary of Conmebol  and the Copa America.

Copa America 2016 Match Schedule With India Time

The COPA AMERICA CENTENARIO USA 2016 is the 45th edition of this tournament . The first edition of this tournament was organised in back in the year 1916.

This shows the popularity and success rate of this tournament, as this is its 101 years, since its arrival in World Sport.

Last year tournament , which was 2015 COPA AMERICA was won by the “Chile”. And by doing so , Chile had already Qualified for the “2017 FIFA Confederations Cup”.

Due  to this, the team which will win this year edition of COPA AMERICA CENTENARIO , will not be able to qualify for the  “2017 FIFA Confederations Cup”.

The USA will host the COPA AMERICA CENTENARIO 2016 this year. There are 10 different venues where this tournament will be organised.

And 16 teams will participate this year and will be in the race to lift the Cup for this year tournament. As per reports 2 out of 16 teams are from Confederations.

The schedule for COPA AMERICA CENTENARIO USA 2016:

Day 1 : June 3 

USA vs COL, Santa Clara, CA Levi’s Stadium 8 AM IST

Day 2 : June 4

CRC vs PAR, Orlando, AZ Orlando Citrus Bowl, 3:30am IST

BRA vs ECU, Pasadena, CA Rose Bowl Stadium, 8:30am IST

HAI VS PER, Seatle, WA Century Link Field, 6:00am IST

Day 3 : June 5

JAM vs VEN, Chicago ,IL Soldier Friend, 4 PM

MEX vs ERU, Glendale, AZ University of Phoenix Stadium, 5 PM

Day 4 : June 6

PAN vs BOL, Orlando, AZ Orlando Citrus Bowl, 7 PM

ARG vs CHI,  Santa Clara, CA Levi’s Stadium, 7 PM

Day 5 : June 7

USA vs CRC,  Chicago ,IL Soldier Friend, 7 PM

COL vs PAR, Pasadena, CA Rose Bowl Stadium, 7:30 PM

Day 6 : June 8

ECU vs PER, Glendale, AZ University of Phoenix Stadium, 7 PM

BRA vs HAI, Orlando, AZ Orlando Citrus Bowl, 7:30 PM

Day 7 : June 9

MEX vs JAM,  Pasadena, CA Rose Bowl Stadium, 7 PM

URU vs VEN, Philadelphia, PA Lincoln Financial Field, 7:30 PM

Day 8 : June 10

ARG vs PAN,  Chicago ,IL Soldier Friend, 6:30 PM

CHI vs BOl, Foxborough, MA Gillette Stadium, 7 PM

Day 9 : June 11

COL vs CRC, Houston, TX NRG Stadium, 3 PM

USA vs PAR , Philadelphia, PA Lincoln Financial Field, 7 PM

Day 10 : June 12

ECU vs HAI, East Rutherford, NJ Metlife Stadium, 6:30 PM

BRA vs PER, Foxborough, MA Gillette Stadium, 8:30 PM

Day 11 : June 13

MEX vs VEN, Houston, TX NRG Stadium, 7 PM

URU vs JAM, Santa Clara, CA Levi’s Stadium, 7 PM

Day 12 : June 14

CHI vs PAN,   Philadelphia, PA Lincoln Financial Field, 8 PM

ARG vs BOL, Seatle, WA Century Link Field, 7PM


Day 13 : June 16

1A vs 2B, Seatle, WA Century Link Field, 6:30 PM

Day 14 : June 17

1B vs 2A, East Rutherford, NJ Metlife Stadium, 8 PM

Day 15 : June 18

1D vs 2C, Foxborough, MA Gillette Stadium, 7 PM

1C vs 2D, Santa Clara, CA Levi’s Stadium, 7 PM


Day 16 : June 21

W25 vs W27, Houston, TX NRG Stadium, 8 PM

Day 17 : June 22

W26 vs W28, Chicago ,IL Soldier Friend, 7 PM


Day 18 : June 25

L29 vs L30, Glendale, AZ University of Phoenix Stadium, 5 PM

Copa America 2016 Final Match

Final Day : JUNE 26

W29 vs W30, East Rutherford, NJ Metlife Stadium

Whereas June 15,19,20,23 and 24 are the rest days for teams and Players.

Fans are very excited about this tournament and fans all over the globe are waiting for this tournament to kick off immediately