Copa America 2016 Head To Head Uruguay Vs Venezuela Preview Prediction

Copa America 2016 Head To Head Uruguay Vs Venezuela Preview Prediction :- The Copa America 2016 is being fantastic till today’s date, it has seen some beautiful games. Now, the next match of Copa America 2016  is between the Uruguay and Venezuela. These both teams are from Group C.

These teams will face each other on June 10 in Philadelphia at the Lincoln Financial Field. Both  these teams will be  playing their second match of the tournament.

Uruguay vs Venezuela copa america 2016

Uruguay vs Venezuela copa america 2016

Copa America 2016 Head To Head Uruguay Vs Venezuela

Uruguay had started their tournament with  defeats against Mexico by 1-3. This team was very disappointed with its first game but now will look to turn the table and will try  to win this upcoming game to give themselves some chances to reach the next rounds.

In their last game against Mexico , Uruguay allowed 13 shots attempts , out of that 7 were on target. They conceded the first goal in the first half and other two goals were conceded in the final half.

On the other hand, Venezuela did a fantastic job in their first match and was victorious against the Jamaica. Although, before that match, experts had predicted that Jamaica would easily thrash the Venezuela but Venezuela surprised everyone with 1-0 over Jamaica.

Venezuela had applied the aggressive approach in their first game and had tried a total number of 14 shots attempts and 3 of them shots were on target.

Copa America 2016 Uruguay Vs Venezuela Preview and Prediction


Muslera – Godin, Gimenez, Pereira, M. Pereira – Lodeiro, Gonzales, Ramirez, Sanchez – Cavani, Hernandez.


Contreras – Angel. Vilanueva, Velazquez, Rosales – Rincon, Figuera, Anor, Otero – Rondon, Martinez.


Uruguay and Venezuela have played total number a total number of 14 matches, out of that 6 was won by Uruguay, Venezuela won 3 matches and remaining 5 matches resulted in a draw.


This match is amongst those matches which are not easy to predict. Uruguay will be looking  for a desperate win but Venezuela has improved a lot in recent times.

Although there are some chances  that Uruguay will be victorious in this match and there is also a chance that this match could possibly result in the draw as Venezuela has the better defence.