Corey Benjamin wife Real Name Bio what is the controversy, alleged assault case?

Cori Benjamin is the fifteen-year-old daughter of a retired American basketball player “Corey Benjamin.” She is allegedly accused of deliberately hitting her opponent in a basketball match. The video of this incident has brought a spate in the world of social media wherein she is hitting her opponent during a youth basketball match at the behest of her mother at the basketball court in California, USA. The video incident has been viral and secured worldwide attention as the mother of Cori Benjamin has been allegedly heard telling her daughter to hit any of her opponents during the match. Lauryn Ham is the name of the victimized player.

Corey Benjamin wife

The mother of Lauryn Ham has uploaded the viral video wherein Cori Benjamin is jerked by two of her opponents as a result a voice comes in the background of the video saying “Cori, you better hit her.” But the referee doesn’t notice this foul. Thereafter; Cori hits Lauryn Ham causing an injury. The mother of Lauryn Ham has revealed that her daughter is still suffering from pain and unable to go to school right at the moment. She also revealed that she had asked the police for help but the police did not take any actions against Cori Benjamin and her mother Tyra Hunt. On the part of a wife of a renowned and former basketball player, it is very shameful to encourage her own child for harming anybody.

Who Is Corey Benjamin wife

He is a former American basketball player who remained in the limelight from 1998 to 2008 during his basketball career. He has been a part of several leagues such as; the National Basketball Association League of America, the Ligue Nationale de Basketball of France, the Chinese Basketball Association League, Liga Profesional de Baloncesto of Venezuela, Baloncesto Superior Nacional, of Puerto Pico, Korean Basketball League and so on.

He has been arrested by the police twice in his life in 2000 and 2016. The police arrested him under charges of domestic violence in both of his arrests. In 2016 he was charged with doing domestic violence with his girlfriend. He has a wife named Tyra Hunt. His daughter is a 12-year-old youth basketball player. The name of his daughter is Cori Benjamin. In the recent news updates, his daughter is being accused of assaulting her opponent “Lauryn Ham” during a match in California on November 7, 2021.

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