Couple Killed in Exposition Park Hit-and-run Crash CCTV Footage Explained!

There is a car crash video coming forward and this video is currently running in the trends of the internet and news. After coming out of this accident video, many people are hitting the search engine to know more about this crash. It is shared that one person died and one is injured badly. It is also said that this crash was so terrible and dangerous. This news attracts the interest of many people and various queries are arrive related to this tragic accident. Let us know the complete information about this crash and also talk some more details in this article, so read continuously.

Couple Killed in Exposition Park

According to the reports, there is a video shared on the internet that shows a rollover crash that threw two people out of a car. This crash happened in North Memphis, Tennessee, United States. This a surveillance footage obtained by WREG. This viral video shows a car flipping multiple times, causing the driver and passenger to go airborne. The quality of this video is very low that the reason why it is not showing its entirety. When both passengers went airborne than one landed on the roof of Smith Pool and a second person crashed through the window of the business. Swipe up and continue reading about this crash.

Couple Killed in Exposition Park Hit-and-run Crash

After this crash, both were ejected from the car and taken to the nearby hospital in critical condition. Later, one of them passed away in the hospital while the other is getting treatment for his injuries. There is a statement also shared by a woman who owns a hair salon nearby that shared speeding drivers have hit her shop multiple times. The police reported this crash and they immediately arrived at the incident place and the police continued their investigation. Currently, the injured and dead individuals are not identified and there is not much information has been shared related to this terrible crash.

After coming out of this viral video, a community is demanding action against this terrible crash incident. This video is currently running in the trends of the internet and many social media users are sharing thier reactions to this viral video. The investigation is ongoing but not much information is cleared and confirmed. The reason behind this crash and the information about the driver is not available. We will update our article after getting more details related to this crash and mention it in our article soon. Stay tuned to dekhnews.com to read more articles.

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