Crocodile Eats 8-Year-Old Girl in Front of Her Friends Video Viral Watch Online!

The news is circulating all over the internet and gives a huge shock to all the users of the internet and the news is that an attack of a huge crocodile on an 8-year-old girl during the time when the small girl is having her bath with her friends. Then suddenly the crocodile attacks her and ate her and now, the organisation discover the body parts of the young girl in the early morning of Friday. The accident and attack have happened when a girl named Suci Ramadhani having her bath in the river along with her few friends in the mid-noon of Wednesday. As per the official statement of the officials, it is stated that the girl was having her bath in the Teluk Kayeli district which is in Buru Island. According to the statement of Korpos Rahmad Namlea, who is a research and recovering officer in Ambon stated that the girl and her friends view the attack which was happened on her friend which gives them totally horrified.

Crocodile Eats 8-Year-Old Girl in Front of Her Friends Video Viral Watch Online!

After that, the locals made a statement about the attack at the spot and they stated that a huge crocodile attacked the girl and the head of the girl is clearly looking in the mouth of the crocodile but when the official scut the stomach of crocodile they didn’t found any head of the girl. On Friday. The officials found the remains of the body in the early morning of Friday and also the river is identified to be filled with saltwater crocodiles and around two attacks of crocodiles ahs been recorded in the last 10 years.

Crocodile Eats 8-Year-Old Girl

A similar incident happened on Thursday in a similar area of Teluk Kayeli where a boy of age around 9 years old was missing from his house and was allegedly hit by a crocodile. As per the reports, he also has his bath with his friends in the same river and then, he was suddenly attacked by a crocodile. The officers started searching but didn’t find any body parts in the crocodile stomach and later found the remains of the boy near the river bank.

Now, one more incident of a 7-year-old girl came to the headlines where she was attacked by a crocodile in Papua New Guinea in the month of April. This incident shocked everyone and all of the villagers are in a shocking and frightening state and can’t recover from this loss of their village. Stay tuned with us.

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