CRPF fired 3500 pellet cartridges since July, defends use in JK HC

CRPF fired 3500 pellet cartridges since July, defends use in JK HC : On Thursday, The CRPF told the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir that the situation in the Valley and the nature of the protests are so critical that it is difficult for the security personnel to follow standard operating procedure.


An ambulance driver was shot and injured by security forces in Safa Kadal area, Srinagar late on Thursday night. Doctors at the SMHS hospital said that the driver told them that he was targeted while on the way from Kangan to the hospital. Kangan is  a town about 45 kilometers north of Srinagar, Kashmir.

The doctors said that he drove the ambulance to the hospital despite suffering bone fracture.

In the response to a PIL seeking a ban on the use of pellet guns which have killed and blinded about 500 youth during the violent protest in the valley, The CRPF informed the court that the pellet guns were introduced in the year 2010 and the pellet guns are an accepted weapon of riot control.

It said in an affidavit submitted in the High court of Jammu and Kashmir that if pellet guns were banned, they would have no choice in extreme situations to open fire with bullets, which may cause more deaths during the riots.

The affidavit also said that from 9th July 2016 to 11th August 2016, it has fired over 3,000 pellet cartridges. Each catridges of pellet contains 450 metallic balls.

3,765 cartridges of 9 numbers have been fired from the pump action guns. It also told the court that it has used 14 types of non-lethal and less lethal munitions to control crowds during the ongoing violent protests in the Valley including electric shells, pepper balls, stun grenades and Oleoresin grenades.

The Inspector General of the CRPF also said in the affidavit that 2671 plastics pellets and 8,650 tear smoke shells and have been used during the violent protests from 8th July 2016 to 11th August 2016.

The figures revealed in the court are the munitions used only by the CRPF, but the Jammu and Kashmir police is yet to submit the details of the ammunition used by it to control the crowds during the violent protest in the valley between 8th July to 11th August.

The CRPF also informed the court that the Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) regarding the use of firearms for crowd control in critical situations requires that the weapon be aimed below the waist. But the situation prevailing on the streets during an ongoing law and order incident is mobile and dynamic.