Top 5 Crypto Companies Active on Insta

If you want to keep yourself updated with the latest Crypto news as well as you want to keep yourself updated on Instagram, so, you need to follow some Crypto Companies Active on Insta. Following these companies will help you maintain your interest in Instagram, and it will also update you about the news related to crypto.

The traders of cryptocurrencies have taken the help of several social media platforms to share their insights, and advice on price predictions, high reward trades, etc. So, guys, this is the reason why I am here with the Top 5 Crypto Companies Active on Insta so that if you are an Instagram addicted person, you can get all the updates related to Cryptocurrencies as well.

Top 5 Crypto Companies Active on Insta

Armando Pantoja (@tallguytycoon)

Armando Pantoja is a blockchain expert who gives a speech on tech innovation in blockchain space. Armando a software engineer has freshly sold his crypto website in the US $2 million. He supports around 7.6k followers on his Instagram account, and he is also one of the most sought after tech entrepreneurs in the industry.

Joseph Steinberg (@josephsteinberg)

Joseph Steinberg is a blockchain advisor, and he is also an expert on cybersecurity. Well, he keeps himself engaged in many blockchain events around the world and lectures about Blockchain in many well-known universities of the world. He supports around 24.9k followers on his Instagram account which makes him a well-respected figure. On one of his post, he has very well answered Bitcoin Revolution

The Wolf Of Bitcoins (@thewolfofbitcoins)

For funny memes related to cryptocurrencies and integrated technologies, follow this page with 12.4k followers. Well, the owner of this page is also a bitcoin miner and investor. On this page, you will get hilarious images even about the serious and complicated concepts.

ICOZilla (@icozilla)

For regular updates on crypto, and blockchain events around the world, follow ICOZilla page on Instagram which supports around 10.8k followers. Well, this page also accepts messages for any promotion or advertisement. So, follow this excellent page on Instagram and get updated about ICOs.

Suppoman (

Suppoman is a famous YouTuber who share the best videos related to Cryptos. Well, now, he has made his Instagram page to share the related images. He is already supporting around 6.4k followers on Instagram. So, share his page to get updated about the latest events in the ICO sector as well as the information related to the launching of the new coins. Well, I would suggest you to even subscribe to his Youtube channel to get excellent videos about Cryptos.

Final Verdicts

So, guys, these are the Top 5 Crypto Companies Active on Insta. I hope this tutorial was helpful for you guys. So, guys, if want to keep yourself updated about the Cryptos, follow these pages and get the best images, memes, and videos related to ICOs. Well, guys, you can also follow some other pages like @koreanjewtrading, @cryptohumor,@nikitasachdeva5, etc

And if you want any other details regarding these companies, you can contact us. Thank You.