Cyber attacks disrupt Twitter, PayPal: Does a Country Behind it?

Cyber attacks disrupt Twitter, PayPal: Does a Country Behind it? :- The world witnessed one of the biggest cyber attack on Friday as the hackers used the internet devices like digital recorders and webcams and managed to cut the access of the high classified social media websites.


According to the reports, the hackers using hundred of internet devices as the medium managed to strucked the Twitter, Paypal, Spotify along with the switchboard for internet traffic, Dyn. The further reports suggest that the whole hacking was began at the the Eastern United States and then spread over the other parts of the European countries.

Kyle York, Dyn’s chief strategy officer informed media wing that ” this hack was the complex one and it is making difficulty to find out the culprit because the attcaks were coming from the millions of internet addresses which is making quite difficult for us to track the particular individual.”

The attack was come under the radar of the Dyn when numebrs of user complained that they are not able to get the access of the the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Yelp, Mashable, and CNN.

The Flashpoint was helping the Dyn in resolving this biggest hacking. The director of security research at Flashpoint, Allison Nixon said ” hackers dumbed a software a months ago on the internet and now, they are utilsing it and making every possible use of it in cyber attcaks.”

Meanhwile, according to the reports of the security guru Bruce Schneier that was published last month, it state that one big country is been in trail and ia planning big hacking and they may be testing its capablity.”

Although, Dyn has not uttered a single word against a particular country as now, they are just investing and tried to find the hackers that are behind these hackings.