DABH Diya Aur Baati Hum Written Updates 28th November 2015 Episode

In the TV serial “Diya Aur Baati Hum” finally and Satyadev and Sandhya solved the murder mystery of Mohit. Till then Sandhya and Satyadev were trying their best to solve the murder mystery of Mohit. So, in last night episode it showcase that actually it was Lokesh who confess his crime that he killed Mohit. When Sandhya and Satyadev ask, him that why he kills Mohit. Mohit. Lokesh replied that it was day of Lalima’s engagement when Mohit called Lokesh in the field. Lokesh was in shop to but jewelry for Lalima. It was day of Lalima’s engagement.

DABH Diya Aur Baati Hum Written Updates 28th November 2015 Episode

Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th November 2015 Episode

Lokesh was not ready to meet with Mohit in the field, but it was Mohit who convince him to arrive in the field. Mohit literally, emotional blackmail him to arrive in the field. When Lokesh asked Mohit that he should discuss about it to Sooraj, Mohit said no he will, discuss about it to Sooraj and he emphasized Lokesh to arrive in the field.

When Lokesh appear in the field near Mohit, Mohit literally miss-behave with Lokesh and Mohit try to snatch the jewelry from her. Lokesh is in no mood to give it to Mohit and he and Mohit literally righted with each other.

Accidentally, in this fight Lokesh killed Mohit throwing hiom in the well. Also by Lokesh hurt he was wounded and fell down.

Still Sandhya and Satyadev is not totally agree with Lokesh’s verdict as in the letter Komal wrote about someone female who arrived in the field. As well post-mortem report says that Mohit died because of the brain-hamerage and Lokesh is saying that he killed Rohit by throwing him in the well.

So Sandhya and Satyadev decide to research about it more and he asked Lokesh to stay mum on this issue. Satyadev added Lokesh need to appear all the time in police station when they will be calling them and he won’t leave city now till the case is going on.

Sandhya is skeptical about everyone and she decides to find who actually killed Mohit. Emily is trying to hide something from police which is reveal in front of Sandhya. So Sandhya right now is observing Emily also.

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