Dadi asks thapki about saree! Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st May 2016 Episode Written Update

Dadi asks thapki about saree! Thap ki Pyaar Ki 31st May 2016 Episode Written Update :- The last night episode of the TV series Thapki Pyaar Ki starts with Thapki joining Bihaan and Sheena in the game. Sheena asks to throw the melon seeds now. Bihaan says that he is now playing with Thapki and he is there to help her and now Bihaan draw the circle.

Thapki Pyar ki Episode Written Updates

Thapki Pyar ki Episode Written Updates

Thapki Pyar ki Episode Written Updates

Now Thapki asked Bihaan to see the game and she is playing this since her childhood days. Somehow Bihaan realised that Thapki feels jealous when he goes close with Sheena. And Bihaan feels happy to catch Thapki’s attention.
It is actually Bihaan was spending some time with Sheena while playing the game and now Bihaan realised that Thapki is also in love with him, like the way he is with Thapki, now Bihaan decides to speak the same with Thapki in order to confess his love for Thapki.

So now when Bihaan realised that Thapki is in love with him, he is now in order to make Thapki jealous, Bihaan keep doing flirting and all that with Sheena.

And next day Bihaan and Sheena asked to Thapki that why she cut the Sheena’s dress, Bihaan and Thapki asked to her that did you feel jealous as Bihaan praised me, Thapki said why I jealous should as you guys are best friend.
Vasu and Dhruv also discussed that Thapki’s marriage with Bihaan by cheating but now due to both are falling in love with each other we can say that that their wedding was done by me and it was right.

Now Sheena comes and asks Thapki to click selfie with her but Thapki refused to do so and Sheena said okay but when now Bihaan holds Sheena, Thapki gets jealous seeing this and asked Bihaan to give her his phone.

Precap: Dadi asks Thapki about a Saree. Thapki says that Saaree is the good.