Swaragini 29th September 2016 Written Updates Episode, Dadi meets adarsh!

Swaragini 29th September 2016 Written Updates Episode, Dadi meets adarsh! :- Colors prime-time TV series Swaragini going through an exciting part in which 2 sisters Swara and Ragini seems like are all set to part away. Ragini is now decided to live with her own family as she believes that Sankar is the person who framed Laksh in all crimes. Ragini is passionately in love with her husband Laksh and she can do anything for her so she decided to sacrifice her sister Swara and her relationship with her sister as in this condition Dadi save Laksh.


Sanskar and Swara try to convince the family to believe them that they are innocent but all goes in vain as even Annapurna declares that her own family is the genuine family and another one is fake. Sumi is desperate to see that she is abandon by her mother in law brutally so she decided to reveal the real face of Adarsh and Pareenita who is responsible for the fragmented of the Maheshwari family.

She is also in pain to see that Swara and Ragini have been separated so she thinks to make them united anyhow as she believes that justice needs to be done and Swara and Sanskar are the innocent.

As per upcoming spoilers of the TV series Swaragini Ragini will realise that Swara and Sanskar were framed in the whole case and they are not guilty. She realises that Swara and Sanskar are innocent and shocked to know that it is Adarsh and Pareenita trapped Swara and Sanskar in it to break the Maheshwari family.

It is Sumi actually bring the truth in front of Ragini with her lot of noble effort and she also seeks apology from Swara and Sanskar as she alleged them without recalling it that Swara can’t harm, anybody.

Now Swara and Ragini now decide to reunite once again and bring back the Maheshwari family together as they decided to reveal the real face of Adarsh and Parineeta.

Precap: Durga Prasad asked Annapurna that whatever they are doing is not right, the way Adarsh is forcing them to lie and support him. Ragini hears him. Later Dadi meets Adarsh and Parineeta and reveals it is her mind which actually trapped Swara and Sankar in this issue.

Dadi also confesses that it is she who makes Laksh arrested and bring havoc in the Ragini’s life. Later Sumi tells Swara that she is with her in her fight to defeat the guilty.