Dadi Scolds Barbie for shopping! Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last night episode of the daily TV series “Suhani Si Ladki” begins with Barbie is thinking about herself that she is damn smart and she is able to make everybody fool around her. Bhavna thinks about Suhani and it is clears that how selfish Barbie is for the sake of the baby we are allowing her to marry Yuvraaj. Now Barbie confesses she is strongly in hate with Dadi. Meanwhile, Suhani has been saved.

Dadi Scolds Barbie for shopping! Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

The doctors believed that Suhani’s survival is the miracle as there were hardly chances of her survival literally. Pratima and Soumya right now is worry for the women problem. A woman arrived to the Soumya and asked for her blessings as the woman has no money for her son’s treatment. Now Saumya hand over some money to the woman and pray for her.
Now the Maa take the child in the hospital. Now Suhani decided to do some social and the good working to the people. She is sad to see some problems around her society. Now Lalita and Rakhi are thinking about the society and they get puzzled.

Now Bhavna and Yuvraaj get ready with some works. Meanwhile, Suhani is thinking about Yuvraaj how she can stay without Yuvraaj. Now Rags message the entire story to Pratima and reveal that it is Dadi compels Yuvraaj to marry Barbie in the absence of the Suhani. Pratima shocked to hear so. Now Yuvraaj is all set to marry Barbie and they sit together.

Now in the marriage Ghatbandhan done between Yuvraaj and Barbie, now the Pandit Jee asked Yuvraaj to apply Sindoor on the Barbie’s Maang. Yuvraaj closes his eyes and constantly thinking about Suhani, he is in guilt to marry Barbie.

Now the Pandit Jee chanted the Mantras but all of sudden Yuvraaj throw the entire Sindoor in the Barbie’s face instead of the Maang. Pratima shouted seeing so and walk towards Yuvraaj and said she is in no mood to see the wedding of the Barbie and Yuvraaj. The entire family is shocked to see so.

On the other side in the hospital blood has been falls from the Suhani’s Maang. Now the nurse rushes towards the doctor and the doctor arrived for the treatment of the Suhaani which is done now. And Pratima also declares the Barbie and Yuvraaj’s marriage is the fake marriage and Pratima still thinks that it is Suhani who is married to the Yuvraaj.

Precap: now Dadi asks Barbie to stay happy with Yuvraaj and also to keep Yuvraaj happy as from right now it is her responsibility. Now Barbie embrace Shakuntala and give a wicked smiles.