Dadi Slaps Pragya! KumKum Bhagya 23rd July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Dadi Slaps Pragya! KumKum Bhagya 23rd July 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show stars with Pragya telling Abhi that I had not told you the complete story in the hospital and now I would like you to tell the whole thing.


KumKum Bhagya Episode Written Updates

But, Tannu interested there and told the Pragya that Abhi is not interested in listening to you, so just go away from here.

But Pragya says that I would not let Abhi stay with you. Abhi says that I have a lost my in fact just know and you both are fighting. Pragya replies to him, that in fact was not yours and in fact, it was someone’s else.

Then, Tannu asked Pragya to leave but Pragya says I will only leave if Abhi will ask me to leave. Abhi says that I just want to leave alone and I don’t want anyone to be with me.

Then, Tannu asked Pragya to leave that room in asked her to shift to another room and took her to another room and warned her that now you have to leave Abhi.

She told Pragya that Abhi won’t trust your even a single word and he is very sad because has lost his baby. Pragya relies on her that I will free him from guilty when he will come to know that the baby was of him and not him and you have cheated on him.

Then, Tannu told Pragya that I will manipulate the mind of Abhi and finally he will start hating you and finally you have to leave him.

She also told Pragya that, ever marriage life does not have a happy ending, so she should be fully prepared for leaving him.

On the side, Sarla was seen in tension as Abhi is not trusting her daughter. Then, she decided to talk to Abhi in order to explain the reality of Tannu.

But Dadi advises her to not talk to Abhi as he is really upset because he thinks that he has lost his baby.

Meanwhile, Nikhil takes one of the goon and asked him to take the name of Pragya. Goon did the same whatever told by the Nikhil he told everyone that Pragya was involved in his accidents of Tannu.

But Dadi refuses to believe his words and told him that I do not trust you. Although, Purab calmed Dadi down and told her that that goon is on elf those who had kidnapped Pragya in past.

Dadi asked him to find out the truth. Meanwhile, Pragya tries to talk to Abhi but Abhi’s refuses and told her that he do not want to talk her as everytime he looks at her, he realizes the loss of his unborn baby.

Then, Pragya told Abhi that I will go too far away from you and then, you will realize that I only loved you and I don’t care about the money.