Daimler Working On New ‘Hypercar’ Models New Performance Models

Daimler Working On New ‘Hypercar’ Models New Performance Models :- On Wednesday, Daimler said that it was working on a new ‘Hypercar’ and also plans to expand its range of upmarket AMG Mercedes-Benz performance cars by at least 10 models.

The hypercar will have the powertrain of the current Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 car with a modified gearbox and car will be made from carbon fibre.


On Wednesday, a Daimler board member responsible for development at Mercedes-Benz told Reuters on the sidelines of a Mercedes-AMG event in Paris – Thomas Weber said that in the past Formula one cars and road cars were separate. Now these are moving closer together,

Daimler did not provide details of the car’s horsepower, price tag or top speed, but did say that research teams from the Mercedes Benz AMG division and the Formula 1 Engineers of the company were working on the project.

Chief Executive of Mercedes-AMG – Tobias Moers told Reuters that the car would have in excess of 1,000 horsepower.


The company said that it expects to boost sales this year after delivering almost 70,000 cars in 2015, up from 32,200 in 2013. The company also launched the new Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster in Paris. This is an open-top version of the car with a 476 horsepower engine.

CEO of Mercedes – Tobias Moers said that we will top up our portfolio by at least ten newcomers. We will offer a choice of no less than 48 different AMG performance cars.