Dance Plus+ 2 Grand Premiere 17th July 2016 Episode Performances Hd Video Tanay

Dance Plus+ 2 Grand Premiere 17th July 2016 Episode Performances Hd Video Tanay :- The choreographer multi-talented Remo D’souza to host the dancing TV show Dance Plus Season 2 this time along with the permanent host of the show Raghav Juyal. Tonight episode of the show Dance Plus 2 is already having huge buzz as the very prestigious National Award winner Remo D’souza will be seen hosting the show.

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Other than it was just treat for his fans when he appear on the show in order to deliver a dazzling dancing performance on the stage. As the news is now trending on social site so his fans are already having huge goose bumps and they are having butterfly on stomach literally.

The dance drama ABCD 2 director Remo D’souza said in a statement to all media regarding hosting the show and giving a dazzling dancing performance that, “There’s a huge surprise for viewers this time for season two. I have planned a lot of things and hosting is one of those. Raghav and I share a great camaraderie on and off screen. So there’s obviously going to be a lot of fun”.

“Raghav is known for his impromptu comic timing and when both of us will be together, we’re sure to set the stage on fire”, he added further. So you can think that Raghav will be also there to share the stage with his mentor as Mr. Juyal is also a fabulous dancer.

The other mentor of the show Dharmesh and Mukti will be arriving on the stage for a while; they had been seen only enjoying the show anyway. With massive entertainment, the show is giving best to its fans.

No wonder this time why the dancing TV reality show Dance Plus 2 opens with 2.6 ratings in BARC which actually breaks all its TRP Margins of the previous Season 1. So don’t forget to catch the dancing TV show Dance Plus 2 tonight at Star Plus.