Dance Plus+ Season 2 Episode 14th August 2016 Hd Video Magic Of Mohenjo Daro

Dance Plus+ Season 2 Episode 14th August 2016 Hd Video Magic Of Mohenjo Daro :- Remo D’Souza’s India’s number one Dance reality show Dance Plus 2 now became the biggest platform for the Bollywood film promotions apart from a spectacular dancing reality show. Last night we saw Hrithik Roshan makes a grand entry on the show in order to promote his just released movie Mohenjo Daro and tonight also it is the legacy of the Mohenjo Daro is yet to be continue.


Ashutosh Gowariker’s upcoming film Mohenjo Daro is a historical periodic movie and the star cast of the movie Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde became the special guest on the Dance Plus 2 reality show.

It is also Hrithik Roshan set the stage on fire of the reality TV show Dance Plus Season 2 with his co-star Pooja Hegde their dance together on the sets of the dancing show actually dazzles the stage indeed. Eventually, they joined by the participants too.

Actor Hrithik Roshan is known for the number of dancing numbers in the Bollywood movie and he is considering as the Dance Icon for all of his fans. No wonder why he is being the inspiration of many passionate budding dancers and people actually learnt flawless dance moves from him.

So it’s going to be the motivational meet for the dancers on the TV show Dance Plus 2 with Hrithik and Hrithik has shown his dancing skills on the set of the dancing show in which everybody goes mesmerised to see him but Hrithik said that Remo deserves the double huge round of applause.

He praised Remo by saying that Dance Plus is an amazing show which actually gives chances to the aspiring dancers by which they showcase their dancing skills and somebody also emerges as a winner.

He showered every participant’s with good wishes and promotes his movie Mohenjo Daro properly which receives the rave review from public apart from huge audiences’ attention.