Top 6 Finalists! Dance Plus Season 2 Episode 20th August 2016 Performances Hd Video

Top 6 Finalists! Dance Plus Season 2 Episode 20th August 2016 Performances Hd Video :- This weekend the dancing reality show Dance Plus Season 2 is having huge limelight as this week on the basis of dancing skills it is the panel team of the judge will be selecting top 6 participants who will emerge as finalists’ and they also set to perform on the final round.

Remo D'souza

Last week we saw how a particular dancer Faizan Malik arrived in the show back as wild rippers, with his group, B.A.N.D.I.T.S, and it is the Urban Singh Crew give some stunning performances which actually steal the show completely.

Faizan Malik fills in for Mokshada Jailkhani who leaves Dance Plus due to health issues. This week somebody has to leave the show like last week somebody goes out from the show.

Top 8 Finalist! Dance Plus Season 2

Now it is both Punit and Shakti have to let go of one of their team members as their team members fail to perform up to the mark from last past week. Anyway, Shakti Mohn shares her views about dancing and the selection of the Top 6 dancers from the dancing show Dance Plus Season 2 and she said that “Dance is more like a support act to make the musical score sound fabulous. I would like to see actors and actresses dancing to just plain beats”.

It is actually for Shakti Mohan and her journey from “Dance India Dance” to being a mentor on “Dance Plus 2”, a dance
reality show, Shakti actually wins all. The 30-year-old dancer feels that she is also a contestants’ when she sees the dancers of the dancing show.

“I always see a part of me in the contestants. I started off as a contestant and I realise that it’s not easy being scrutinised by experts. And when you are a judge you need to ensure you are judging fair. Both require a lot of hard work and commitment”, Shakti said in a statement.

“There is a sense of responsibility and an eye for aesthetics. I look for that earnest yearning in talent, you may not be the best at what you do, but if you have the passion you can at some point become your own inspiration”, she added further.