Top 8 Finalist! Dance Plus Season 2 Episode 21st August 2016 Performances Hd Video Highlights

Top 8 Finalist! Dance Plus Season 2 Episode 21st August 2016 Performances Hd Video Highlights :- On the dancing TV reality show DancePlus Season 2 tonight there will be the Judgment Day in which Top 6 participants’ will be reached to its final round! So tonight it will be final round and the top 6 participants’ actually chosen by public votes and panel judge members’ marks.


Another point which is making tonight dance reality Dance Plus keen to watch is that the former lovers Shakti Mohan, Punit Pathak will be seen dancing together on the same stage of the dancing show.

Shakti and Punit, who were reportedly in a relationship a while ago, so you can feel how hot chemistry of them will be showcase when they will be seen doing salsa and every moves of the duo will be just flaunt to watch.


The sources from the set are confirm the news that they will be seen dancing and the sources stated that, “Our long lost love birds danced on a romantic number when a contestant insisted them to get on the floor with them. Both Punit and Shakti moved their legs on a popular salsa number… The dance was very impromptu and both the captains acted as thorough professionals when asked to do a performance together”.

1) Piyush Bhagat (Team Shakti Mohan)
2) Ming Ma (Team Punit Pathak)
3) Sushant Khatri (Team Shakti Mohan)
4) Urban Singh Crew (Team Punit Pathak)
5) BANDITS Crew (Team Shakti)
6) Wild Ripperz (Team Dharmesh)
7) Tanay Malhara (Team Dharmesh)
8) Ellie Angels (Team Punit Pathak)

They were doing Salsa but in background there were romantic number playing, “Jalte Diye”…. which actually makes the dancing show’s environment just romantic as well there was love in air showcase.

Raghav’s Nautanki is still steals the show when he goes jealous on seeing Shakti with Punit. Raghav just have heart break as he sees ‘his’ Shakti is having a sizzling chemistry with new mentor, Puneet Pathak!

Due to all dancers of this season are the best so it seems like the decision of selecting the Top 6 is getting tougher for Remo Dsouza but he will be selecting Top 6 dancers with the fun note.