Daniel Prude (Killed by Police) Cause of Death ‘Spit Hood’ Video Viral on Social Media

In this article, we are giving you the information about Daniel Prude, who was suffering from mental health issues and got die after being in a “Spit Hood”, which means to protect the officers or police from detainees’ saliva. According to his family statement at a press conference on Wednesday, he was facing a mental issue from 23rd march by which hi brother named Joe called the Rochester Police Department for helping him. A video was released by the lawyers in which he was being in a handcuff by the officers and he was naked in the middle of the snowy wet street with spit hood in his face. The officers took his face down on the pavement for a total of two-minute sand fifteen seconds until he stopped breathing. After this, he offers CPR but he died from asphyxia after being taken off life support.

Prude came from Chicago to Rochester which is in New York on 22nd March 2020 and the purpose of his arrival to meet his brother named Joe Prude. After coming down from Flight, he behaves weirdly and gets fall down from the stairs on headfirst. By seeing this his brother calls the emergency services for help. After reaching the Strong Memorial Hospital, the doctor said that he is suffering from the mental health evaluation and he released that night. Daniel Prude Death

What Happened to Daniel Prude?

After reaching home, he continued his weird behavior and gets escaped from his brother’s house at around 3:00 AM. His brother tried to find him but he escaped then he dialed the emergency service again for the help. While walking on the road Prude dropped his long underwear, tank top, and socks. A stranger sees him and started making a Facebook love video and tried to call emergency services, but Prude escaped successfully from there.

Prude got tracked by the two officers and by two emergency medical technicians in Southwest, Rochester around 3:16 a.m, where he was ranked and bleeding. Police handcuffed him and puts on the ground but Prude repeatedly said that “In Jesus Christ, I pray, Amen,” after that he started spitting on them and for protecting from his spit he placed a spit hood on his face. Prude tried to escape from the spit hood but the officers didn’t remove this and then he said to them that “You’re trying to kill me”. After three minutes and ten seconds putting him down, officers see s that Prude chest compressions appeared to have stopped. 

Who Was Daniel Prude

After that, an emergency medical technician checks him and asked the officer to give him CPR, police did this but Pride didn’t respond. Around 3:27 AM he placed into an ambulance and transport to Strong Memorial Hospital but before reaching the hospital, he incapacitated from lack of oxygen and was later declared brain dead. He was taken off life support a week after the arrest. After this incident, all over the world starting protesting for this incident and start the hashtag to stop racism. After all of these protests, the police department arrest Seven police officers in Rochester, New York, who was involved in the arrest of a Black man who was pinned to the ground and later died has been suspended, the city’s mayor announced.

Live: Rochester Protests

The lawyer released a police bodycam video in which it clearly shows that the officers covering the man’s head with a “spit sock” and holding him on the ground in a prone position before he stopped breathing. At the press conference which took place on Wednesday, Joe Prude who is the brother of Prude said that police had killed a defenseless Black man and called his brother’s death “cold-blooded murder.” Elliot Shields, one of the Prude family lawyers, said attorneys are in the preliminary stages of filing a wrongful death suit. For more updates about this follow Dekhnews and stay tuned with us.

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