Dawn Brancheau Video Viral On Reddit SeasWorld Trainer Killed By A Whale Watch

Dawn Brancheau was killed by a whale fish. People on the internet searching the video of the death of the discussed animal trainer. She reportedly passed away on February 24, 2010. She was a renowned personality in the world of animal trainers. She was working at a theme park chain in SeaWorld where she had seen quite enough time of her life as a trainer. She was said to be such talented in her profession that she had trained several animals. She had also trained orcas. Orcas is well known as killer whale.

Dawn Brancheau Video Viral

She was so passionate about her profession; therefore, she never thought of changing her profession throughout her life. She succeeded to earn the of psychology in animal behaviour. She had earned her psychology degree from the University of South California. Thereafter, she committed herself to follow her passion and she came in contact with a local animal shelter. Later, she embarked on working at the same animal shelter.

Dawn Brancheau Video

She had numerous love for animals as a result she decided to become an animal trainer at a small age. It is said that she had trained a Shamu while being on a vacation. She was in Orland with her family and decided to train a Shamu. She was so expert at her work that she trained several whales to be domesticated. She was proficient at the work that most people could not even think of doing. However; she was killed by a whale at a live event.

Who was Dawn Brancheau?

She was a SeaWorld trainer in America. She was born in Cedar Lake, Indiana, the United States on April 16, 1969. She had tamed ducks, chickens, dolphins, whales and so on in her entire career. She initiated her training with otters and sea lions in 1994 at the SeaWorld. In the year 1996, she trained and domesticated a killer whale called orcas.

On the final event of her life, she was training a Tilikum in a pool. However; she could not train Tilikum. She was killed by the same water animal. The autopsy has revealed that she died of blunt force trauma while drowning. Tilikum left her body after 45 minutes in the pool. Her biography has been named the Blackfish. It is said that the event of her death is also included in the Blackfish except for the event while the killer whale was killing her.

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