Day 62 BB9 House Mandana Against Rochelle Bigg Boss 9 12th December 2015 Episode Written Updates

Day 62 BB9 House Mandana Against Rochelle Bigg Boss 9 12th December 2015 Episode Written Updates : This is weekend so another amazing episode of the controversial reality show “Bigg Boss 9” is waiting for you to witness. But no elimination will be probably take place neither the anchor of the show Salman will be having chit-chat with the housemates. Probably he will be having chit-chat with the housemates. Its depend on the format of the sho “Bigg Boss 9” which will be reveal tonight on the show.

Day 62 BB9 House Mandana Against Rochelle Bigg Boss 9 12th December 2015 Episode Written Updates

Bigg Boss 9 12th December 2015 Episode

From last two weeks Salman is neither chatting with the housemates on Saturday no elimination took place; Salman will be just showcasing life of the housemates. Anyway, tonight it will be show that the argument will be turns out to be worst when Priya and Gizelle will be having fought with. Eventually, the entire hose will be getting involved in this argument.

In the early morning it will be shows that Rochelle, Keith, Nora and Prince were having fun in the pool, but suddenly Mandana made a sarcastic comment, Nora is Prince new girl-friend. We already watched it on the last night which makes Prince angry.

Ugly spat took place but gradually the situation goes normal. So, tonight you can expect there will be some cold war between Prince and Mandana anyway. Anyway, let’s talk about the stuffs of tonight episode.

In tonight episode it will be shown that a lot of allegations will be throwing on Rochelle by a lot of contestants. Rochelle is known as in the house as fake, selfish and even two-faced. But on day 62, something extreme nature happens.

Today, some of the housemates like Mandana, Gizele and Kawaljit will be seen bitching about Rochelle near the kitchen area. They will be saying that Rochelle is actually withKeith just for the game and she is very self-centered person. They believed that Rochelle even deceive Keith to win the show.

They think Keith is just an innocent person and he is genuinely good person. The bitching is showing that perhaps Rochelle is the next target for nomination. Let’s see whether Rochelle will be getting to know these all stuffs or not.

Report is saying Salman’s will be having blast on the housemates and he will be scolding Suyyash, for obvious reasons. Suyyash gives an open Dhamki to Mandana on the luxury budget task about not touching Kishwer again… and you know how that ended. So, Salman questioned Suyyash’s unethical behavior and even blasted Kishwer for supporting Suyyash in his decision. This interaction was clearly the highlight of this episode because of all the drama that followed.

Suyyash and Kishwer had tears rolling down their face and were clearly heart broken when Salman was done interrogating them. The celebrity guest the show “Bigg Boss 9” tonight is the leading actress of horror soap opera “Nagin” Mauni Roy who will be arrive to talk about her show. She will be also having some funny conversation with the host Salman khan.

Probably Mauni Roy’s entry can make the situation lighting in the house. Her conversation will be winning heart.