Day before the release of Padmaavat: School Bus attacked in Gurugram, Protests, Roads Blocked

Day before the release of Padmaavat: Gurugram School Bus attacked, Protests, Roads Blocked & News: – Well, as you all know that after a long fight, protest and regional drama finally tomorrow the most awaited film of the year “Padmaavat” is set to release. We are sure that the movie is going to make you all amazed because the word of mouth is coming great from the people who watched the movie so far. Also, the things are not going well with the Karni Sena, which have already said that they aren’t going to support the release of the movie.

As you all may also know that the Supreme Court already had decided that announced the movie will be released all over India, including some other overseas countries where makers wanted to release it. Also, the Karni Sena isn’t looking fear to all these things and they are still trying to make kind of violence in the Indian market. Also, the violence and protests were reported from parts of Haryana, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. In Mumbai, the police arrested 30 Karni Sena workers as a preventive measure.

#Gurugram shocker School Bus attacked by #KarniSena protesting against release of #padmaavat

Some Mall and cinema houses aren’t looking positive for the movie and they aren’t looking in the favor of screening it because of the violence issues. In Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, police lathi-charged protesters who damaged vehicles and forced shops to shut down. Several vehicle owners were injured. The Delhi-Jaipur highway was blocked by protesters already. The Karni Sena has asked social organizations across the country to ensure that the movie can’t be screened.

Some other areas such as Rajasthan, distributors refused to screen “Padmaavat” citing the protests. In Haryana’s Gurgaon, protesters block the Wazirpur-Pataudi road and torched a bus in Sohna. In Lucknow, protests were held outside a mall. Claiming they do not belong to any organization, the protesters said if hall owners don’t agree to their “request” and stop screening the movie, they would “anything that is required”. Overall, you can see that the people are totally being dramatic on this whole issue and aren’t saying anything great.