De Angelo Manning Cause of Death? Louisiana Toddler Dies in Animal Attack After Wandering Away

A piece of heart-wrenching news has come out in which it is being told that a Louisiana child died in an animal attack after wandering away from home. This information is spreading like wildfire on the internet. A number of inquiries have been made, including: When did the accident occur? Has the investigation into this incident started? There are many concerns regarding this incident, one of which is that the curiosity of people to know about it is increasing. Do you all want to know more about this accident? If yes, then stay with us till the conclusion of the post because we have all the information you need.

De Angelo Manning Cause of Death?

According to the information, a tragic accident happened to a family in Louisiana in which they lost their child forever. The child’s body was reportedly found by the family half a mile from his home in Claiborne. The tragedy began when 17-month-old D’Angelo Manning was killed by an animal after wandering away from his residence. As soon as this incident happened, the police were informed on the spot.

De Angelo Manning Cause of Death?

When the police started their investigation on this matter, they police said in their statement that the four-year-old child who was the victim of this accident was missing from his home on September 18 at around 10 a.m. Police say the child was treated by EMS teams and suffered only minor scratches after he walked away from his home. It is being told that everyone started searching for the child but later, around noon, Manning’s body was recovered from that area. Everyone is shocked after hearing about this terrible accident.

When Sheriff Sam Davis sent the child’s body for postmortem, he clearly stated that the child died due to an animal attack. The police are still continuing their investigation on this case and have also sealed the accident area. The child’s mother is very saddened by this accident and has shared her grief with people by taking the help of social media. After seeing the condition of the child’s mother, people have decided to support her and have contributed towards the last rites of the child. We pray that god rests the child’s soul. Whatever information we had related to this accident, we have shared it with you in this article. We will keep sharing more such news with you but for that, you will have to stay with us.

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