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Today 7.1 Magnitude Deadly Earthquakes Hit Mexico 20th September 2017

Today 7.1 Magnitude Deadly Earthquakes Hit Mexico 20th September 2017 :- A massive number of people killed in Mexico around more than 130 people. Actually, a strong earthquake with 7.1 magnitudes shocked the entire nation. This deadly earthquake is in the results more than dozens of building to collapsed and broken down in the central Mexico at the capital, Mexico City.

The rescuers are all set to search keenly for the survivors of this deadly earthquake in the Mexico and reportedly, a number of children have been trapped in a partly collapsed school, quoted by the news agency BBC News. As luck would have it, the tragedy struck Mexico on the day when people were taking part in an earthquake drill literally after 32 years of a quake which had killed thousands of people.

Today 7.1 Magnitude Deadly Earthquakes Hit Mexico

If reports are to be believed around 90 people were killed last month in August when an 8.1 magnitude earthquake had struck the southern part of Mexico. The US Geological Survey stated that the epicentre of the latest quake was supposed to be next to Atencingo in Puebla State, about 120 kms from Mexico City, with a depth of 51km.

At least 64 people were exterminated in Morelos state alone, south of the capital, and 29 reported died because of the quake in Puebla State. Thirty-six are confirmed dead in Mexico City, and 9 people died in Mexico State. A dust-covered Carlos Mendoza, 30, said that he and other volunteers had been managed to pull 2 people alive from the ruins of a collapsed apartment building post they provide 3 hours effort.

When we see Earthquake we just come to help people from this deadly unfortunate phenomenon.

Alma Gonzalez, according to PTI, was in her fourth floor apartment in the Roma neighbourhood when she experienced the quake which already collapsed the ground floor of her building, leaving her no way out, until neighbours set up a ladder on their roof and with the help of ladder she come out from the window by slide out a side.

Gala Dluzhynska was busy teaching her students when she witnessed the quake post the quake struck and window and ceiling panels fell as the building started to tear apart and it was too deadly.

She said she fell down the stairs and people were walking over her, earlier than someone finally pulled her up.

“There were no stairs anymore. There were rocks,” she said.