Deaths Flowed At Andhra Pradesh In A Popular Festival Named Pushkaralu

Deaths Flowed At Andhra Pradesh In A Popular Festival Named Pushkaralu : Pushkaralu is a religious, reputed and popular south indian festival celebrated every 12 year with pride at Andhra Pradesh at Godavari but this year it turned out disastrous,as some has lost the live and hundreds were injured during Stampede. However as estimated around 30 killed and 50 injured, a Stampede is the sudden freaking rush of a crowd or the animals. The stampede tends to occur this year and every year too when the minister of Andhra Pradesh, sh.Chandrababu Naidu took a dip in the Godavari and left in a bus. Thus, this year when he left the place, a rush of pilgrims moved towards the banks/ghats of the river Godavari and some of the crowd came into the jaws of these thousands of pilgrims and were died. According to eyewitnesses, Minister P Narayana was also stuck in the crowd. To save themselves, several devotees took a smart decision and they climbed the monumental towers in order to avoid any mis-harm.

Deaths Flowed At Andhra Pradesh In Pushkaralu

Maha Pushkaralu is a religious festival of Andhra Pradesh that sets the whole city in joy. It is Celebrated once after 144 years at Godavari, as based on astronomical forecasting. This festival is enjoyed at the banks or ghats of Godavari river. The normal Pushkaralus are celebrated every 12 years at 12 sacred rivers of India based on the zodiac signs.

Many superstitious people believe that by taking a bath at Godavari during the festival can wash their sins away and they can begin their lives from a new phrase. This festival mainly draws the crowd of Andhra pradesh and its neighbouring cities. Deadly stampedes are fairly common during Indian religious festivals, where large crowds gather in small areas with few safety or crowd control measures but this year it has brought the sorrow for some families. However this is supposed to happen due to poor safety measures and the safety team was not that on top.This could not happen if the security and safety team were strong enough to handle crowd.


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