Dehradun: Police Horse Shaktimaan Statue Removed after Backlash on Social Media

Dehradun: Police Horse Shaktimaan Statue Removed after Backlash on Social Media: On Saturday, A statue of horse named as Shaktiman was installed in the heart of Dehradun. Shaktiman was in police service in the state Uttrakhand and 14 years old when he died in the month of April 2016.


The stage was set to installed the statue of Shaktiman. The pundits were ready for puja. A police band team were playing music in the glory of the police horse.

But all the preparations went in vain because the chief minister of Uttrakhand Harish Rawat left the venue at the Police Lines on Monday. He said that I leave it on the next government to inaugurate the statue of Shaktiman or the statue needs to be here or not .

The officials was clueless and cancelled the event. The statue of Shaktiman was covered with polythene again.

The horse named Shaktiman died after a week when his hind leg was hit again and again by the allegedly BJP member in Dehradun. People across the country expressed outrage and grief. A teams of Doctor cut the injured hind leg of Shaktiman to save him but the efforts made by doctors to save him failed.

The Assembly election of Uttarakhand is in the next few months. The some BJP member in Uttrakhand have objected the veneration of Shaktiman on the grounds that soldiers from Uttarakhand who have lost their lives have not been given due recognition, while much fuss is being made over a horse.

The BJP had accused the congress government to politicize the tragedy to turn public opinion against the opposition, when the horse was injured. A BJP law-maker, Ganesh Joshi who was accuse of causing the fatal injuries to shaktiman, was arrested and then granted bail.


Shaktiman was fitted with a prosthetic limb brought in the America, after Shaktiman’s hind leg was amputated.  But the horse did not survive. He was buried with police honors in Dehradun, Uttrakhand.