Delhi-based 11 trekkers stuck at hillock and rescued after two hours

Delhi-based 11 trekkers stuck at hillock and rescued after two hours :- Bengaluru : There are an 11 group of trekkers was going for the weekend Holidays on Sunday, but due to some interruption they had lost in the Savandurga Forest area which is in the Magadi under Ramnagar district and that group of 11 friends had lost in the forest where they stay at night and going for the vacation but due to the darkness just lost the directions.

Delhi-based 11 trekkers stuck at hillock and rescued after two hours

According to the reports, Where the Abhinav and his colleagues know that a weekend midnight from with their Delhi colleagues would utilize nightmarish as all and they are around 24 different from the different groups suffered their direction in the Savandurga forest area in Magadi under Ramanagar district fresh on Sunday time.

From the reports, While the resident of Madiwala of the Abhinav and his five colleagues which name is Chetan and Sudhanshu and Siddhant with Rajat and Sanchit.

that hailstorm from Delhi city and they got held on an 80-metre high hillock on Sunday following they all 11 friends missed their direction behind it caused raining and hailstorms.

Also, they arrived the fields only approximately 6 am later a trekker of Kerala did an SOS request to the Fire and Emergency Authority place. Everything the five have made their graduation from the Bengaluru University.

Where the one trekker Abhinav that comes from the Bhopal city and said that We went for location Magadi approximately 2.30 am and entered Savandurga area around 3.30 am.

Then we relaxed that location for some period to go to the hillock to see the sunrise on that high position of the hillock and there a town lady gave to support us and even credit 100 rups. from all group to reveal us the direction. We were not informed that trekking is banned in the region as there were no Facia.

Also, he told that Next we suffered our process, we decided to help as neither of us knows Kannada. However, one of the trekkers from Kerala alarmed and asked the Fire and Emergency Command room as we were going back to the fields.

Subsequent the SOS, a unit of leaders comes from the police and fire and emergency armies raced to the operation and supported those trekkers lots.

The police have given the statement, That the trekkers began climbing approximately 4 am, exactly as it began showering soon back, they missed their direction.

While Approximately 6 am, we noticed some of them getting down and we supported the another get down carefully.

A superior police director told, Luckily, no unfortunate disturbance took place and they were held for several hours. They were misguided by a town lady. Each of them has resigned a signed declaration specifying they are protected.