Delhi continues to reel under heatwave, temperature could rise to 47ºC

Delhi continues to reel under heatwave, temperature could rise to 47 degrees Celsius: The Delhi sweltered under heatwave-like conditions for the fourth consecutive day and now the temperature touching 43.6 degrees Celsius in the city and 45.4 degrees Celsius at the outskirts in Palam which were seen on Friday.

The local meteorological centre podcasted about the possible rain and thunderstorm on Wednesday which can bring some relief to the city.

But before that, the maximum temperature can be shooting up to 45 degrees Celsius over the weekend, which can be consequences’ in the heatwave also.

The mercury could touch 47 degrees on Sunday, At Palam. A heatwave is announced when the maximum temperature shoots up beyond 40°C and it is at least four degrees above normal.

If the mercury crosses the 45°mark, the weather office automatically considers it as a heatwave.

The national capital, Delhi recorded the highest number of the temperature in this summer was on 22 May, when the readings at Safdarjung and Palam shot up to 44° and 46° Celsius, correspondingly.

“While the temperature at Safdarjung was three degrees above the normal, at Palam the mercury was four degrees above the normal,” a senior scientist, Kuldeep Srivastava, said with the regional weather forecasting centre in New Delhi.

The India Meteorological Department also somehow earlier warned that the summer can be harsher between April and June in north, west and central India.

In previous years, the Delhi recorded much higher temperatures. The maximum temperature had shot up to 45.7 degrees Celsius on May 24, 2013, the highest for a May Day over the past decade.

“While on one hand, a western disturbance is approaching, moisture-laden easterly winds will also get stronger next week. This is expected to create favorable conditions for some rain sometime around Tuesday and Wednesday,” said an official.

The highs may then relent to 42°C.