Delhi experiences hottest January day on Sunday since 2007

Delhi experiences hottest January day on Sunday since 2007: The national capital experienced the coldest December in 13 years, but after experiencing extreme cold, Delhi is now undergoing hottest January-day on Sunday, ever since 2007. The day temperature on Sunday was rising up to 28.7°C, which is seven degrees above normal.

Head of the regional weather forecasting centre, Kuldeep Srivastava, said “The temperature was unusually high on Sunday. It shot up primarily because of the clear sky and a change in wind direction. While northwesterly winds bring in the chill from the snow covered regions of north India, the southerly and south-easterly winds are warmer in nature. On Sunday, the latter were dominant”.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has projected that Delhi possibly will receive adequate rain from Monday night.

Deputy Director General of India Meteorological Department, BP Yadav, said, “A cyclonic circulation has already formed over Rajasthan because of an approaching western disturbance. This is expected to trigger rain across the plains of northwest India, including Delhi, from the intervening night of Monday and Tuesday”.

However, on Sunday the night temperature was 7°C, considered normal.

An India Meteorological Department (IMD) official said, “As the sky turns cloudy and rain approaches, the night temperature is expected to rise while the days are expected to get colder. By Tuesday, the night temperature could go up to 10°C while the day temperature could drop to around 20°C”.

However, the India Meteorological Department had already forecasted in December 2018, that this winter is going to be warmer. Though, it revolved out to be the coldest December ever since 2005, with least temperature reducing to as low as 2.6°C. But, the month January, conversely continued moderately warmer, with night temperature continuing mostly above 6°C.

Talking about the air quality of National Capital, the air quality once again has fallen back to the “severe” category on Sunday. Weather forecaster said that the rain will help in lowering down the deteriorating air quality in Delhi.

Various steps are taken by the government to control the pollution level in Delhi but still these efforts are not working out properly as the polluted air quality has not lowered down yet and even if it’s go down, the very next day it rise up to poor or severe category. In this time, if rain occurs then it might be helpful for the National Capital to lower down its polluted air level in the environment

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) official said, “Usually, November and December are considered to be the most polluted months. However, unfavourable meteorological conditions pushed up pollution levels in the NCR this January frequently”.