Delhi Garbage Woes Problem AAP Councillors Protest Against BJP’s Manoj Tiwari

Delhi Garbage Woes Problem AAP Councillors Protest Against BJP’s Manoj Tiwari :- Well, AAP councilors volunteers and leaders of the opposition are in trouble because the APP are protesting against the Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari and they are demanding a concrete solution to the national capital’s garbage woes. Also, they are trying to give the message that BJP’s Manoj Tiwari isn’t working in right way and not solving the problem.

Even, AAP’s Kirari MLA Rituraj torched Tiwari’s effigy at the former’s constituency to protest the East Delhi Municipal Corporation’s decision to dump the city’s garbage at Rani Khera, claiming that over five lakh people would be affected by the move. Also, they are demanding that they need to work on cleaning the area instead of throwing garbage like that. Even she said that “People in the area can die (because of this). We will not allow the garbage to be dumped in Rani Khera,”

Delhi Garbage Woes Problem AAP Councillors

Also, the sources are saying that the decision was taken by the EDMC because a tower of garbage at the Ghazipur landfill site in east Delhi collapsed on September 1, killing two persons. Now the EDMC is in a mood for the alternative options and they are looking towards the Rani Khera as an alternative site. The AAP blamed the BJP-controlled civic bodies and the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) for the accident,

Even the reports are coming that the Kejriwal-led party contended that the corporations could not arrange for an alternative site for years. Also, the AAP Party added that “Manoj Tiwari, during the MCD elections this year, had promised the people of Delhi that if the BJP would win the elections, it would, in the first 100 days, completely eradicate any problem related to garbage,”

Well, Even Manoj Tiwari said that the action will be taken against the person who is responsible for the incident. Also, they are not in a mood for shifting the garbage in another area rather than Rani Khera and let see what happened news.