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Delhi Government Issued to ban Sale & Manufacture of Tobacco Products

Delhi Government Issued to ban Sale & Manufacture of Tobacco Products. Delhi Government under direction of people favorite Arvind Kejriwal decided to ban Tobacco Products in Delhi (India) markets. All types of Tobacco products are banned by deli government from capital of country. Products like Raw chewable gutka, khaini etc etc will n longer be available in Delhi soon. State Government Health Department is all set to ban these harmful tobacco products after issuing a notification of Ban. Notification of ban tobacco is finalised on the directions of health minister Satyendar Jain,”

Delhi Government Issued to ban Sale & Manufacture of Tobacco Products

Ban of sale & Manufacture of Tobacco products in India

Initiative of Delhi government to ban Tobacco products in all of its form whether its is Complete or Raw Chewable is fully appreciated by people of Delhi.  Its a great step taken by Kejriwal Government to reduce the tobacco consumption for More than one long year in the capital of India. Earlier also decision were taken to ban Tobacco but it was sold in form of raw material as a mixture of raw tobacco and supari (betel nut).

“The updated proposal of notification is going to bring about clarity in the ambiguity of the use of all forms of chewable tobacco products. The sale of raw chewable tobacco products in Delhi henceforth will be considered illegal in keeping with the Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act (COPTA) and the Supreme Court directions of banning tobacco products,” said a Delhi government official. Source : Hindustan Times.

“Even though gutkha was banned in 2012, retailers used to sell the components of gutkha (betel nut and raw tobacco) in separate pouches. People buy them separately, mix them, and turn it into gutkha. Therefore, the purpose of banning gutkha was not served. Then we realised we need to ban all forms of raw chewable tobacco products completely. The earlier proposal was pending because there was no government in Delhi for at least one year,” said Dr SK Arora, additional director health, Tobacco Control Programme, Delhi government. Source : Hindustan Times

The last day of every month has been declared as a dry day for tobacco by the Delhi government.

“We aim to update the notification and remove ambiguities to ensure that biggest source of oral and lung cancer disappears and the city becomes a tobacco-free city,” said a senior official. source : The Hindu

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