Delhi Govt does not have Shelters for Transgender, they are Roofless

Delhi Govt does not have Shelters for Transgender, they are Roofless : The Delhi has been the home for the numbers of the peoples. The different people comes from different cities to fulfill their dreams, but some failed to achieve.



Although Delhi government has arranged homes for the homeless men, women, children but it is really sad to say that there is no shelter for the third gender.

The transgender is forced to leave the homeless. A transgender who was born as Amit Kumar but later went to be the Maya. And, then Maya married Rajkumar and became his wife.

Meanwhile, Rajkumar is a contractual laborer in weddings and parties and Maya is a begger and she used to beg to earn their surrounding. Maya and Rajkumar used to stay together in a hutment, next to the Yamuna, but a large wave took off their house.

So, after that Rajkumar used t stay in the shelter with another man, but Maya used to sleep open underneath a tree. When she was asked about it, she told the reporter that ” I can sleep in the shelter, but I don’t want to sleep with another man.

Maya also told media wing that ” God made us different. I am not a man. I wish I could sleep with my husband but we cannot afford a home. Sleeping together on the road is not practical. We sleep not very far from each other.

Maya is not only the single transgender who is leaving without shelter, but there are in great number and all of them are forced to leave homeless.

The Delhi government has made shelters for men, women, children, pregnant ladies, even also for the drug addicts so, but there is no shelter facility for transgender.

This is really amazing as we have reached in the 21st century and even we have no facilities for transgender. We all need to take up the initiative to help these transgender and Delhi government has also need to work on this side of society.