Delhi: Man kills His Sister to get rid of her Marriage Responsibilities

A man who killed his 19-year-old cousin sister badly to get rid of the responsibility of getting her married has been arrested from East Delhi, police said on Thursday evening.

At Madhu Vihar police station, Commissioner received a PCR call on Wednesday evening about the body of a girl found in her house at Hasanpur village.

The police officer found the body of a girl lying near the bed of her room. Injury blood marks on neck and bruises on hand were shocking.

DCP said- “There was no evidence or proof of quick entry in the house and nothing was scanned, the killer had planned to give murder the shape of suicide.”

During an investigation, police found the suspect Tapas Burman, cousin of a girl and he admitted his involvement in the murder.

The accused tapas told police that he first covered the girl with her dupatta and killed her, thereafter checked her nose and mouth to ensure her death.

She was living with his family in Hasanpur village since 10 years, after a death of her father when she was just 10-year-old.

She was brought up by his parents and the responsibility of her marriage was given to his cousin.

The issue of her marriage had been a cause of worry for him for the last few months and the victim also fought with his mother and wife over domestic matters, police said.