Delhi Metro is the world’s second most unaffordable transport in world

Delhi Metro is the world’s second most unaffordable transport in world: If you are working in Delhi and using the metro to reach here and there then you all should know that you might be spending 19.5% of your income on travels through various transport platforms, sure this whole percentage is different if we will see it through your monthly income. You all should know that you are spending a big part of your earnings in traveling and this isn’t right for you, but what else you can do?

Reports are suggesting that a commuter should not have to spend more than 15% of the income on any mode of transport, experts from the organization said. Also, the sources are saying that the first of the CSE’s two-day international conclave highlighting the state of urban transport systems around the world. Also, the reports are suggesting that the experts said the Delhi Metro was the second most unaffordable transport network in the world after Hanoi in Vietnam.

Some sources are indicating that the calculation is based on the fourth Fare Fixation Committee reports which are indicating that the Delhi Metro that showed that 30% of Delhi’s commuters are within the monthly group of Rs 20,000. Also, the reports are coming that this isn’t that case of economically weaker sections which is referring that this percentage share increases to 22% of their income.

You all should know that the Gautam Patel, principal consultant (coordinates), Ahmedabad, and Gaurav Dubey, Programme Manager at Clean Air and Sustainable Mobility at CSE. In case of lower income groups, the share should not be over 10%, he said. Also, you all should know that for example, an unskilled laborer in Delhi earning a minimum daily wage of Rs 534 on an average spends Rs 80 (15%) out of her income on transport.