Delhi Nirbhaya Case Like Repeated In kerela ! Dalit Lady Brutally Killed & Raped By The Culprits

Delhi Nirbhaya Case Like Repeated In kerela ! Dalit Lady Brutally Killed & Raped By The Culprits :- Shocking news comes again from Kerela that will rock the whole country. A student of Government law college Ernakulam was found dead in her home. She was brutally killed after rape. She was found dead in a pool of blood at 8 pm her mother saw her dead when she came home from her daily wages work.keral-1462250541 (4)

The lady was 30 years old. As the police officials said, that this case could be compared to Nirbhaya case of New Delhi. After the postmortem report, it is revealed that intestine of the deceased had come out after the attack of sharp object.

So many wounds were found on her body. Around 30 wounds were found on her body and two deep stabs on her chest. The accused were brutally raped her. This incident really shocked the police, and the IG Mahipal Yadav is supervising the area. He was conducting the probe on this murder and tried to find out the real accuse and full details about this murder.

He called his team for a proper investigation into this brutal murder. As the police officials said to the media that it was a brutal murder and the victim was smothered and strangled by those accused.

They also added that they sexually assaulted victim before the murder or after the killing. Police are not confirmed yet. Police refused to share more details about this case. As the reports coming from sources that Victim’s father live separately from last 25 years.

CPM party attacks the current government work. It is about to now five days and still the accused are away from the police. And the police is failed to catch them. After these statements, Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala said that a probe has been conducted into this incident, and the culprits would be catch very soon. And this brutal killing is compared with the Delhi’s Nirbhaya case.