Delhi: Ola & Uber’s Striking workers a consequence of failed business models

Delhi: Ola & Uber’s Striking workers a consequence of failed business models: You all should know that the Delhi people are in a little trouble because Ola & Uber drivers are on strike. Also, the reports are coming that after a marathon meeting with the Ola and Uber managements which lasted more than seven hours with the leaders of the app-based cab drivers’ union went little positive. Reports are coming that they have shown the positive signs and reports are coming that the strike may be called off on Tuesday.

Some sources are saying that a joint meeting took place in 3.30pm on Tuesday, after which a final decision will be announced. You all may know that most of the majority app-based cab drivers have been on an indefinite strike. Some reports are saying that approximately 500 protestors gathered outside Ola’s office in Chakala. You all may know that few drivers who were not participating in the strike, the police intervened.

Also, the reports are suggesting that Govind Mohite, leader of Maharashtra Rajya Rashtriya Kamgar Sangh, said, “Both Ola and Uber company managements have agreed to most of our demands, but we want them to confirm this in front of transport authorities before calling off the strike.”  We are hoping that this long strike will take off and everything will be great for sure. You all should know that DTC employees are also on the strike and we think that it will be alright soon.

Also, a source related to the Uber has said, “Uber is proactively exploring all possible options to restore services and best support our driver partners. In this respect, we have engaged with relevant stakeholders today to solve the impasse. We wish to reassure city authorities, our driver partners, and riders that restoring services at the earliest remains our highest priority.” Overall, we are expecting that this whole thing is going to be alright for sure.