Delhi, Pitampura: Massive Fire continues to GULAB Bakery shop

Delhi, Pitampura: Massive Fire continues to GULAB Bakery shop :- The morning began with a shocking news coming out that the fire caught at the GULAB bakery shop wich is one of the famous bakery shops of the Pitampura locality of New Delhi.

gulab fire

This incident took place around 6.00 am of this morning, when one of the staff of GULAB shop, smelled a burning fragrance and at last, he found that fire caught on the 1st floor of his shop.

Then, fire brigades were called and then the whole procedure of containment of  the fire began. Numbers of the fire brigade vehicle are at the shop because fire is simultaneously increasing and fire squads do not want to take any risk in a case if more water vehicles will be required.

gulab news

The main reason behind this incident has not been revealed, as Police force are not allowing anybody to enter the restricted area where fire has caught. Also, there is one more concern for the police force and the fire brigade officers, as Metro line is just in front of that bakery shop and about every single minute metro are crossing through that area.

They just want to contain the fire as quick as possible, since Pitampura is a crowded market and there are number of shops around the GULAB bakery shop, so there is always a chance of fire spreading in the other shops too.


Although,all the shops near by that bakery shop has been evacuated and even the Pitampura road has been sealed.

Vehicles are using a single lane to reach their destiny and just our team have analyzed the affected area and they found that almost 70 percentage of fire has been under controlled and according to the fire brigade officers, whole fire will be contained in few more hours.

There is one good news that there is no loss of life due to this fire and now only the bunch of smokes are left and this will also be contained in few minutes.