Delhi Police Vs Lawyers Live Updates: Delhi District Courts to Continue Strike Tomorrow

The police personnel, in uniform, are wearing black bands to condemn the Tis Hazari incident and the protest seems to be grasping more fire instead of cooling down. Also, on Tuesday, there were hundreds of Delhi Police personnel who have gathered outside the police headquarters in the national capital in order to protest the attack on policemen after a clash with lawyers. The protest basically came after a minor fight between policemen and lawyers which then further intensified into mass violence outside the Tis Hazari Court in Delhi on Saturday.

Delhi Police Vs Lawyers Live Updates


After the Saturday attack, lawyers all around Delhi have been on strike and re refusing to attend the court. On the other hand, by seeing lawyers protesting, many places also saw occurrences of violence with black coats harassing the public as well as police officers alike on Monday.

At the present day, the Home Ministry has sought a report on the clash between lawyers as well as policemen. But at the same time the issue has intensified enough for Delhi Police personnel in order to step out in a unusual protest. Here are some live updates regarding the protest, read following post to know more….

Delhi District Courts to Continue Strike Tomorrow


1:20 pm: The Traffic movement is closed in the traffic lane from ITO on the way to Laxmi Nagar. Motorist are also advised to use Delhi Gate as well as Raj Ghat roads.

1: 35 pm: On Tuesday, the Union Home Ministry received a report from Delhi Police on the clash that was held between lawyers and police at the Tis Hazari court complex, where at least 20 security personnel as well as many advocates were injured, officials said.

1: 50 pm: A Home Ministry official also stated that it is a accurate report in which the Delhi Police has given specifics of the situations leading to Saturday’s incident and the action taken after it.

2:00 pm: The protesting police personnel gathered just outside the police headquarters located at ITO, holding posters and signs that read “We are human in police uniforms” and “Protectors Need Protection”. They urged their seniors to stand with them in order to save the honour and pride of the uniform.

2: 15 pm: Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik also urged the protesting police personnel to return to work and stated that they should behave like a “disciplined force”.

he said, “I appeal to all to maintain peace. It’s trying time for us. We need to fulfil the responsibility of maintaining and assuring law and order. It is expected from us that we the protectors of law will continue to assure law and order in the capital.”

Tis Hazari Court Live Updates

2:20 pm: By seeing the on-going disagreement between Delhi Police and lawyers, Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari also responded on the issue and said, “What happened between Delhi Police and lawyers is saddening. I feel that senior policemen and lawyers should sit down and resolve the issue amicably. If the issue is not resolved quickly then criminals and terrorists will take undue advantage. The matter is under probe and the guilty will be punished. I appeal Arvind Kejriwal and others to not politicise this issue. ”

2: 50 pm: The Bar Council of India (BCI) writes to Chairman/Secretary of Coordination Committee of Bar Associations of Delhi, where they requested an immediate recall of the latter’s call to the advocates of Delhi to abstain from court work.

3: 30 pm: After the stressed series of events after the Tis Hazari clash between lawyers as well as the police, Bar Council of India has written to bar bodies where they have asked them to identify lawyers “indulging in hooliganism” as well as requested advocates to end their protest, which is “bringing bad name to the institution”.

3: 40 pm: On the other hand, the Congress on Tuesday said that the police protesting on the roads in the national capital is a “new low” for India since independence.

Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala tweeted, “A new low in 72 years – Police on protest in ‘National Capital of Delhi’.

“Is this BJP’s ‘New India’? Where will BJP take the country? Where is India’s HM, Sh Amit Shah,” he posted on Twitter.

3:55 pm: Delhi Commissioner of Police, Amulya Patnaik stated that “FIR has been registered in the incidents in which police personnel were assaulted. We are addressing the anger (of police personnel) caused by these incidents. Discussions are underway, senior officials are addressing all the concerns.”

4: 10 pm: BJP leader Subramanian Swamy said regarding the on-going conflict, “Since half the problem in courts is the lawyer police daily interaction and familiarity since both are local, I think that an all India police like CRPF should be created and posted in all courts.”

4:20 pm: Bihar Police Association also offered their support to Delhi cops and stated that the association stands in support with each personnel of Delhi Police who was beaten up.

4: 30 pm: Lawyers have sought a ban on media from showing videos which might possibly make situations worse. HC has further declined to pass an interim order, and is going to hear the matter on Wednesday.

4: 40 pm: Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit attacked BJP for alleged misconduct of law and order situation in New Delhi. He said, “Whatever happened three to four days ago was completely an unfortunate incident. The way, in which the police personnel behaved with the lawyers, is highly condemnable. Unfortunately, after that, there has been a complete institutional failure,”

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