Delhi: Speeding BMW Rams into Parked Vehicle CCTV Video Footage

Good Day Readers, Today a news has come stating that in Delhi, a speeding BMW collided with a stationary vehicle, subsequently causing it to strike four pedestrians. Stay with this article to find out more about this news. On Sunday night, a speeding BMW rear-ended a parked vehicle, leading to the critical injury of four pedestrians in South Delhi’s Greater Kailash Enclave-II area, as reported by the police. The individuals injured in the incident have been hospitalized at the AIIMS trauma center. The individuals injured were identified as Yashwant Nalwade (58), Devraj Madhukar (50), Manohar (62), and Nitin.

Speeding BMW Rams into Parked Vehicle

They were on a post-dinner stroll when the incident occurred, and they were swiftly taken to the AIIMS trauma center for treatment, according to Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Chandan Chowdhary. Chowdhary explained that the speeding BMW, driven by a woman, collided with a stationary Maruti Ciaz from behind. “The impact was so severe that Maruti Ciaz struck the four pedestrians, causing serious injuries,” stated Chowdhary. The DCP mentioned that the process of filing an FIR is currently in progress. She clarified that there was no one inside the Ciaz at the time of the incident. As soon as the control room received a call about the accident, police teams were dispatched to the scene.

Delhi: Speeding BMW Rams into Parked Vehicle

Analyzing data collected from 2019 to the present year, the traffic police have taken steps to enhance preventive measures. This includes identifying areas prone to accidents, augmenting the deployment of traffic personnel, and taking legal action against motorists. Special Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Surender Singh Yadav stated, “Upon examining the fatal road accident data from 2019 to 2023, it indicates that the contribution of such accidents during nighttime has increased by at least 4% over the past five years, while similar incidents during the day have decreased by nearly the same margin.” Traffic experts attribute the rise in fatal road accidents during the night to factors such as drink driving, the high speed of commercial vehicles, and a decreased presence of traffic personnel during nighttime.

Regarding simple accidents, which involve injuries or no injuries, there were 2,842 such incidents until July 15 this year. Out of these, 1,182, accounting for 42%, occurred at night. In 2019, out of 4,177 simple accidents, 2,497 took place during the daytime, constituting nearly 60% of all simple accidents, as indicated by the data. Comparing figures of fatal accidents between 2019 and 2022 (excluding pandemic years 2020 and 2021 with widespread shutdowns), a subtle shift in the trend was observed. In 2019, there were 656 fatalities during the day and 777 at night. In 2022, the numbers changed to 622 during the day and 806 at night. This indicates a decrease in deaths from road accidents during the day in 2022, while the numbers increased during the night.

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