Delhi: Transport Department will Issue E-Challans from this month

Delhi: Transport Department will Issue E-Challans from this month: Well, reports are claiming that Delhi transport department is about to start an E-Challan service in Delhi to avoid the polluting, overloading or violating other norms. Sources are saying that this new service will work in favour of everyone because it will eliminate the chances of brief and other crimes. Also, it will provide the whole data of Challans to the department and it will fine. Even though it can only help in very limited way and people, and department both needs to understand their real duty.

You all should know that these e-challans in Delhi are expected to bring in more transparency in prosecution of vehicles violating the Motor Vehicles Act. Overall, it is a good step by the department and it will help both the Traffic police and the normal human being too. Delhi government’s transport department is all set to procure 60 handheld tablet devices, which would have portable printers attached to them.

Also, the reports are suggesting that the enforcement wing has around 200 personnel divided into 60 teams and these devices will be provided to each team this month. Overall, it is going to help everyone for sure and they’ll provide the usual training to these traffic police offices to understand and use this to prevent crimes. Overall, it is a good step as we suggested above.

Also, this device is going to be technologically more advanced than the devices being used by the traffic police now. Also, the reports are coming that the handheld tablet devices would also have the option of collecting fine through debit cards. Their biggest advantage would be in identifying and prosecuting repeat offenders. Even it will provide the valuable information on the spot if the vehicle had been involved in a similar offence earlier.