Delhi, Tuglakabad: 23-Year-old Youth Died after getting high voltage current while using Laptop

This is really a shocking news especially for those people whose uses a laptop at their home and office. A man lived in Delhi, Tuglakabad area is died after getting high voltage shock while using his charging laptop.


The current is so high that the Brijesh died at the spot, the family members do not even have the time to take their son to the hospital.


The family members and neighbours are in shock due to this incident. The dead body of Brijesh has given for postmortem.

All the experts have advised using your laptop with caution and safely.

This news is to alert people who are using a laptop, they should be aware of the fact that these electronic things can kill you.

5 Common Laptop-Killing Practices Most of Us Are Guilty Of : 

Although it’s called a “laptop,” its place is not on the top of your lap, or any soft surface, for that matter. Laptops are specifically designed to allow air to flow through the bottom and sides. They have little rubber stoppers on the bottom for the purpose of lifting the laptop slightly off the surface it’s on. If you put the laptop on your lap, you may block airflow through the bottom and insulate heat.

The urge to drink something is quite common when you spend long periods of time on the web. You often might have a glass of water or some other drink nearby. While you’re looking at the screen, you might miss the glass while reaching for it and spill it all over your laptop. In my case, one of my cats did the job for me on a $1,500 laptop.

Generic laptop chargers are often much cheaper than what most manufacturers offer as replacements. For this reason, they became quite popular with people who travel a lot and end up leaving their original chargers in the hotel room when they leave.

Each laptop has a specific amperage and voltage requirement for direct current (which translates into wattage). If you go over the requirement just slightly, the laptop might shrug it off and just charge.

I get it. You’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to bother with unplugging the charger. Actually, I don’t. It’s really tragic that people do this when one simple hand movement could prevent such a mess. When you put the laptopinto a confined space with the charger attached, the space might not account for this extra occupation.

When you close a laptop’s lid, it goes through a shutdown sequence (either hibernation, or a full shutdown, depending on what you configured). While it’s doing that, the hardware is still on. I’m particularly concerned about the hard drive, which uses mechanical parts to read and write data. The parts on the hard drive are situated at such a small distance, that even the tiniest shock can completely obliterate it while the discs inside it are still spinning.

One More Thing

Read each of these mistakes again. You’ll see a recurring theme that sums everything up: Keep your laptop away from things that can harm it, treat it with delicacy, and maximize its airflow as much as possible. That’s the gist of it! If you’d like to suggest something else, you’re welcome to comment below.


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