Delhi wants access to Indian”Hamid Nehal Ansari” beaten daily in Pakistan jail

NEW DELHI : The Indian government has inquired consular access to an Indian hostage in Pakistan who was informed to have been attacked regularly in Pakistan jail. Also, the Indian government wants access to Indian beaten every day in Pakistan jail, while “Hamid Nehal Ansari” was punched twice in Peshawar central jail in the last two months in Pakistan.

Hamid Nehal Ansari

Further, Hamid’s parents said to the journalists that they came to understand about the event through Pakistan news and they know only what is written or what their lawyer reports them, as they have no personal contact with their son.

According to the Pakistani source reports, In the Islamabad, Pakistan, Where Hamid Nehal Ansari was assaulted double in Peshawar central jail in the last two months.


A prison administrator further punished Ansari regular and his lawyer was requested as having said, a court on Thursday.

And Where on the other side, The Jail superintendent Masoodur Rehman, though, claimed that Ansari’s injuries were secondary and that such conflicts “keep happening” in jail.

Also, The External affairs ministry .Vikas Swarup announced in his weekly media advice in New Delhi on Friday that a request was registered in the Peshawar high court firstly.

Then following statements that Ansari was attacked in jail. Ansari, completing a three-year time, is kept in a death chamber.

After Superintendent Rehman said in his statement in the court that the Indian “can not be taken in a conventional casern with different hostages for the purpose of his security”.

Where Hamid Nehal Ansari, who allegedly held a fake Pakistani identification card and he was arrested by secret agencies in Kohat hotel on November 14, 2012, and investigated by a military court. He was convicted to three years jailing for surveillance.