Delhi Yamuna Flood: 5-year-high in Delhi today, displaced families say they haven’t received relief

Delhi Yamuna Flood: 5-year-high in Delhi today, displaced families say they haven’t received relief: Well, you all should know that the Yamuna Flood is creating a lot of problems for the people who are living near the river or in the rivers. Yes! Past few years was very steady which is why nobody expected that the old river is going to create problems and that’s few people started living there. After a temporary closure of the old Yamuna Bridge that led to the cancellation of 27 passenger trains and diversion of seven others Monday morning, the Railways restored traffic on the bridge around noon.

Delhi Yamuna Flood Live Updates

You all should know that the reports were stating that, “Rail traffic on old Yamuna Bridge has been restored. Railways engineers are continuously monitoring the situation at the site.” This statement is confirmed by the Indian railway. Also, some reports are saying that the Railways temporarily closed the old Yamuna Bridge, also called Loha Pul, as the water level in the river reached 205.53 meters which are above then the danger sign.

You all may know that 3000 people are already evacuated from low-lying areas also some people who migrated in the river’s main area are also migrated by the government. You all can say that the water is reached its highest level in the last five years a day after breaching the danger mark, government officials said. Also, they added some other things such as “We have set up around 550 tents and evacuated around 3,000 people. Food, water and other amenities such as electricity and toilets are being provided. Some people are unwilling to shift”, said by the officials.

Now, the Irrigation and flood control department, said, “The water level touched 205.5 meters around 5 pm on Sunday. The last time it breached the 205 meters was in 2013 when the water level touched 207.3 meters. In 2013 Haryana, had released around 8 lakh cusecs of water on a single day. This time the maximum water Haryana has released so far is around 6 lakh cusecs. It was released on Saturday evening.”