Delhi’s air quality at ‘Beyond Severe’ for three consecutive days as stubborn dust lingers in the air; PM10 level hits 830

Delhi’s air quality at ‘Beyond Severe’ for three consecutive days as stubborn dust lingers in the air; PM10 level hits 830: In Delhi, The air quality remained beyond the “severe” level for the 3rd day on Thursday, as authorities warned the dusty conditions which are all set to prevail for another 3-4 days and suggested people to avoid staying outdoors for long hours.

The air quality is getting deteriorated as the dust storms in western India, predominantly Rajasthan, which increased coarser particles in the air, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) said.

The PM10 level (presence of particles with the diameter less than 10mm) was beyond harsh at 796 in Delhi-NCR and 830 in Delhi mainly, the reason of the hazy conditions.

As per the CPCB, the air quality index – a measurement of the concentration of toxic particulate matter in the air – at the various places in Delhi remained beyond the 500-mark, with east Delhi’s Anand Vihar area recording a PM10 level of 929 and PM2.5 level of 301 this early morning.

An Air Quality Index (AQI) between 0-50 is considered “Good”, 51-100 “Satisfactory”, 101-200 “Moderate”, 201-300 “Poor”, 301-400 “Very Poor”, and 401-500 “Severe”.

In the region, where The wind is blowing, has contributed to the spread of dust particles. AS per the Met department, wind speed reaching up to 35 kmph is predicted today in the national capital, Delhi.

The dust-laden winds have created a haze in Delhi-NCR also from yesterday.

The Environment Ministry has also told about the dusty conditions are likely to triumph for the next 3 days. It has alerted construction agencies, municipal corporations, and Delhi Pollution Control Committee in order to make sure the water sprinkling.

In this summer, the pollution level is very different from 2017, said by the CPCB. In November, both PM2.5 and PM10 spiked in the Delhi-NCR region, which is also turned out to be the reason of serious health hazard to inhabitants.

On the other hand, the increase in pollution levels now is mainly badly increasing in the coarse particles in the air. This time the PM2.5, ultra-fine particles which can reach lungs and affect it’s functioning, which, is not as high as that of November 2017.

The CPCB member-secretary, A Sudhakar, warned people that the pollution level is expected remain like this for 3-4 days and people are requested to avoid staying outdoors for more than 3 to 4 hours.

“There could be discomfort or breathing difficulties due to the pollution. We have also called a meeting of construction companies and if the ‘beyond severe’ condition persists we would stop the construction activities,” said Sudhakar.

On Wednesday, the CPCB organized an urgent meeting, directed agencies concerned to contain local dust sources.

The Environment Ministry too has requested the Delhi chief secretary to issue instructions to the agencies which are a concern with this sector.