Demonetisation: Axis bank 2 managers converted black money, get arrested

The Enforcement Directorate has captured two chiefs of Axis Bank in New Delhi under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). It is affirmed that both administrators got gold blocks as pay off to change over Rs 40 crore dark cash into white. One of the gold blocks was recuperated from Lucknow.


Taking action against managing an accounting staff who are professedly peopling change over their dark cash into white, the Income Tax Department has led a study at the Kashmere Gate branch of Axis Bank in Delhi.

As indicated by different reports, the I-T division has directed inquiries at the living arrangements of two bank chiefs of Axis Bank. The hunts happened after two individuals were gotten with Rs 3.5 crore in new coin notes.

These individuals conceded that they changed over cash with the assistance of two of the bank directors, whose living arrangements are currently being sought. As indicated by Axis Bank, it is completely coordinating with the IT division and is additionally examining the matter in detail.

The stores were purportedly made in existing records of our client at the Kashmere Gate Branch. The administration has cautioned that the individuals who are utilizing other individuals’ financial balances to change over their dark cash will be extremely rebuffed.

Not just that, the individuals who permit their records to be abused for this reason will likewise confront arraignment. The Finance Ministry said has said, “Expense avoidance exercises by a few people utilizing other people’s Bank A/Cs to change over their dark cash can be subjected to pay to assess and punishment.

Likewise the individual who permits his or her financial balance to be abused for this reason can be arraigned for abetment under Income Tax Act.” The Finance Ministry’s notices come in wake of reports that individuals are abusing JanDhan records to store their dark cash, paying a premium to the needy individual who is permitting his/her ledger to be utilized.